Here's How a Tesla Works with Autopilot

Tesla electric cars have been gaining fame lately not only for their stylish design or excellent performance. One of the biggest assets is the autopilot.

This safe but autopilot is not fully approved by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who insists that drivers should keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times. That is, don’t do like this driver and fall asleep at the wheel.

Tesla car autopilot explaining video

This video explains in detail how the Tesla see the world around them. The video is in English, however, you can always turn on video subtitles in the settings so you understand it better.

Tesla user Scott Kubo showed us some improvements over time with upcoming updates to cars. We now see that the Tesla are able to control the vehicle more efficiently and predict future actions by other drivers.

One of the biggest hurdles of these predictions is the lane changes of other cars. In this respect autopilot has considerably improved its work.

You will be able to see in detail what the driver is seeing as well as what the car sees on the large Tesla dashboard. Throughout the software upgrades we see Tesla significantly improving this autonomous driving segment.

Tesla is not the only one working on this system

Scott Kubo also gave the example of NVidia that has been working on a similar system to Tesla. The goal is to predict the action of other drivers within half a second. Something that has shown correct.

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Still, Tesla is the only manufacturer in the world that gives us such a feature. That is, as much as other systems are advanced, manufacturers still do not believe they are ready for real life. The same cannot be said of Elon Musk’s cars.

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