Here’s How to Make a Polling on Telegram Without Complicated, Really Easy!

Telegram is now increasingly making it easier for its users to create polls. How to create a poll on Telegram? Just for information that polling is a feature that actually exists in other applications. However, there are not a few applications that provide this service, so it is interesting news if Telegram is one of several applications with polling services.

The presence of this polling service will certainly be very helpful for Telegram users. They no longer need to share information with each contact and wait for the results one by one. With polls, you can immediately share a particular issue or topic so you know what it’s like feedback which you will receive. So, your poll can be quick and easy.

This news is definitely good news for all Telegram users. They can easily do a vote or poll. For example, you want to know opinions about who is suitable for the position of Regent, Mayor, Governor, and even President. You can also ask for opinions about which smartphone is the best for you to buy, and many others.

How to Create Polls on Telegram

Then how to make a poll on Telegram? To find out the answer, please read carefully the information we provide below.

1. Open your Telegram application then click the attachment icon as indicated by the arrow.

How to make a poll on Telegram

2. After that you select the option poll.

Make Polls On Telegram - Nesabamedia 2

3. Type the question you want in the column Poll question then add the answers in the column Answer options.

How to make a poll on the latest Telegram 2020

4. We can also make settings on the polls that we create such as allowing people to vote anonymously (Anonymous Voting), giving multiple answers (Multiple Answers), does not allow withdrawing answers (Quiz Mode).

Make Polls On Telegram - Nesabamedia 4

5. The poll that you will make later is more or less like the picture below.

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How to make a poll on Telegram on an Android phone

6. If someone has already voted, it will look like this.

Make Polls On Telegram - Nesabamedia 6

You need to know that Telegram is one of the best chat applications for android, iOS, and even users Windows though. At first glance, this application is not much different from WhatsApp because in terms of use and appearance, it is almost similar to WA. But if you look in more detail, you will see some of the differences that Telegram has.

Telegram is a chat application that was first introduced around 2013. This application exists as a rival to WhatsApp which was first introduced in 2009. These two applications are still rivals with all the advantages and disadvantages of the two applications. Since it was first introduced, the number of Telegram users has been increasing.

With the increasing number of Telegram users, making this application one of the best and most popular chat applications to date. Everyone who uses Telegram must be aware that this application does have advantages that you rarely or don’t even find in other applications. Some of these advantages include:

  • Best security system: Telegram has the best security system which makes it a very safe social media for various activities. Even Russia had asked Telegram to hand over the encryption code even though it was rejected by Telegram.
  • Provide cloud servers: Telegram provides -based services cloud so it will not burden the performance of your smartphone. You can save all the data you have cloud and you can access it anytime and anywhere without worrying that your data will be lost.
  • A large number of chat group members: If WhatsApp only provides a maximum number of members in a group of 256, then Telegram can accommodate 200,000 members. The amount is many times compared to what WhatsApp has, so this is indeed a distinct advantage.
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For your information, this poll feature is already present in the Line application. As well as Facebook. Meanwhile, WhatsApp, which is the largest application in the world, does not yet have it. Even though you can actually make polls on WA, you still need other services. Unlike Telegram, which apparently already provides this feature.

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