Hide the Meet Now icon on the taskbar Windows

This is mainly achieved through, for example, certain shortcuts on the desktop. We may also use other elements included in the Redmond software such as Notification area or the taskbar. It is about this second that we want to talk now.

Hide the Meet Now icon

Uses and benefits of the taskbar Windows

This is what most of you experience on your own almost every day, especially we talk about the benefits that this element offers us. And this is that in the above bar we have the ability to add all kinds shortcuts so that they are always in sight. Therefore, here we usually bind the application icons that we use most often, so that they can be opened directly at any time. But that’s not all, because at the same time, this is where the icons of the rest of the running programs are located.

This way we can bring them to the foreground on screen when, for example, we need to use them. At the same time, these shortcuts allow us to interact with running programs through their context menu.

Barra tareas Windows

In the same time, from Microsoft the native operating system places a number of native icons in the same location that it considers useful and widely used. So, we see the volume control, network connection, power icon, or the Meet Now icon. They all exist, among other things, to access certain Windows functions directly. But of course, as with many other sections of the system, this is something customizable. In fact, along the same lines, we’re going to focus on one of the least used in this sense, the aforementioned Meet Now.

Various ways to disable Meet Now from the taskbar

This is one of the many elements that we can see in this panel, which in most cases we do not need. It no longer takes up space in this very useful space that could be used for other more useful icons. And this is an icon that fell into our commands recently, since it was launched on the most recent versions of the system. For those of you who don’t know, this is a shortcut that basically allows us to quickly create a meeting or join another already running.

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Icono reunirse

Plus, we achieve all of this without the need to register or download, so to use this we just need to click on the icon and use the options that appear. But we must know that this is an icon, which, although we do not need it, cannot be removed or removed. And this badge the system itself, such as volume , For example. It is also not necessary that we have Skype installed in Windowsto appear on the panel. So, if we don’t have a webcam and microphone connected to a PC, or we just have plans to meet here, let’s see how to hide it. The operating system offers us several ways to get rid of it.

Remove Meet Now from dashboard

The first thing we can do in this sense is hide this shortcut from which we are retrieving you directly from the toolbar Windows… This is where we will see it first, so we only need to navigate to it and right click mouse button. At this time, we will have the opportunity to select the Hide option so that this element disappears from the field of view.

Ocultar reunirse barra

Of course, when using this method, it is most likely that as soon as we restart the computer, it will reappear, so let’s see other methods.

Hide the appointment now on the taskbar

Another option we have in this sense is to inform Windowsthat we want this icon to disappear from the taskbar that we talked about. This is the one below what is Windows computer … Hence, for this we need to access the config app Windows… We achieve this with the Win + I keyboard shortcut.

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As soon as the corresponding window appears on the screen, in this case we have chosen the “Personalization” option. In it, on the right pane, we see an option called Taskbar, which we click on. In this case, we should find a link that says Select the icons to be displayed on the taskbar.

Thus, in the new window that appears, we need to find only what interests us now, that is, “Meeting now”, which is active by default. Just click on the selector on the right to disable it and does not appear anymore.

Ocultar iconos barra

Hide Meet Now from System Icons

But we have a third way to make sure that this icon that we talked about no longer appears on the taskbar. To do this, we are now going to directly configure the operating system icons that we want to see and those that we do not see. We go back to the Settings app again as we said. But in this case, after clicking on Task bar section, we have to follow the link Activate or deactivate system icons.

Personalizar iconos del sistema

Thus, we achieve that the icons Windows work or not. It’s easy to imagine that here we need to find the appointment again now to disable it permanently. If at some point future we want you to go back to the dashboard, we just need to undo this step.

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