Hisense will launch a two-element phone with the inscription next week

When it comes to dual-display phones, the YotaPhone series mentions its approach to design. There is a color display on one side of the phone, and an E-ink display on the other side. However, Yotaphone is not the only manufacturer to adopt this design. Chinese electronics company and smartphone maker Hisense also have phones with this design, and will announce a new one next week.

A live photo of the phone was distributed on the official account of the manufacturer’s Weibo. The phone has the same monoblock design of its predecessors with a screen on each side. The back of the phone that houses the E-ink display seems the same as Hisense ‘a6>, the latest phone with a similar design. But big changes are ahead.

Due to the fact that this trend is a trend this year, Hisense is using it for a new phone. As you can see, the screen, which should be AMOLED, by the way, now stretches upward, eliminating the upper frame in the process. The bottom frame is still there, but when the forehead is gone, the phone can fit a larger display in the same body as its predecessor.

The image also shows that the phone will ship with one camera on both sides. There is no fingerprint scanner, but based on the design of its predecessor, we are sure that it is on the side where it doubles as a power button. We also expect him to have a face unlock and a dedicated AI button. Do not expect an audio jack – the A6 does not have one, so the likelihood that it has one is thin.

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The official name of the phone is unknown, but Hisense said it will be released next week. There are speculations that this will be an A6 variant, perhaps Hisense A6 Pro or A6S or something on this line. Besides the physical difference, we expect it to also have some changes under the hood.

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