HMA VPN Free: How does the VPN trial work?

In the world of vpn today, the competition is fierce. When you want to subscribe to a subscription with a service, you expect it to be exemplary. Among the most famous, there is in particular HideMyAss. If you want a Free VPNyou can take advantage of the free trial period, we explain how it works.


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HMA is a good VPN, but it’s no longer at the level of our Best VPN 2022 ranking, both in terms of performance and features. It is a service recommended above all to neophytes who are looking for an almost entirely automated VPN and who are not too fussy about the confidentiality of their data.

HMA is a good VPN, but it’s no longer at the level of our Best VPN 2022 ranking, both in terms of performance and features. It is a service recommended above all to neophytes who are looking for an almost entirely automated VPN and who are not too fussy about the confidentiality of their data.

HideMyAss is probably one of the best known VPN providers today. Thanks to its seriousness and its numerous servers in more than 190 countries, the service now offers one of the widest choices of connection location that can exist. Add to that attractive pricing and you can see why it performs well.

As a reminder, a VPN is a tool that allows you to encrypt your connection between your device and any web service you access (such as websites for example). In short: you become anonymous on the web and it therefore becomes difficult to track what you are doing.

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You are probably saying to yourself: “But I have nothing to hide personally! “. This is precisely where it is important to specify that this is not the only advantage of using a service of this type. Functions other than anonymity allow you to navigate with more security.

When you access the Internet from a Public WiFi network, your information can then be captured by malicious individuals. It is indeed possible to capture certain information which transits on networks and this can then be problematic. By activating a VPN on these networks, you encrypt your data and are therefore protected from these possible malicious interceptions.

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That’s not all, if you’re used to traveling you may have already tried to access websites that showed you an error message telling you that the content was not available in your country. This is particularly the case for the sites of our television channels which offer you to watch replays of your favorite shows.

Thanks to a VPN, you can then simulate a connection from the country of your choice. You will then be able to regain access to these sites from anywhere! This also works for Netflix for example, you can then access the catalog of the countries of your choice.

In terms of features, beyond the incredible choice of countries in the servers, it must be recognized that HideMyAss offers the essentials: effective encryption of your data, a pleasant and easy-to-use interface, 5 possible connections at the same time from 5 devices, satisfactory connection speed, etc.

Note that the VPN is located in England and is now owned by Avast. In theory, the service may therefore be required to communicate your logs (even if it claims that this will not be the case) in the event of a request from the authorities. Indeed they keep some of your data and it must be said, this can be a black spot for some users. However, they do not keep personal data, only non-personal data.

On the customer service side, this is also another strong point of HideMyAss. it is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It is probably one of the best on the market with a very fast response time.

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How to sign up and take advantage of the HideMyAss trial offer for free?

To be able to test HideMyAss for free, nothing could be simpler. Like the majority of its competitors, you will have to subscribe to an offer on their website and request a refund before the end of the withdrawal period. We will explain the procedure to you.

Be careful though, there is an important condition to know in order to be reimbursed and take advantage of this free trial period. Indeed, you must not exceed the 10GB bandwidth quota even if you are within the 30-day withdrawal period.

1. Register for HideMyAss from the official website

To be able to take advantage of the trial offer, you must first register on the VPN’s website. To do this, you must click on the yellow button “Obtain HMA VPN” from the home page. You will then access the list of packages offered.

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We recommend choosing the 1 month offer if you just want to take advantage of the free trial. It is indeed necessary to advance this sum and it is obvious that it is easier to pay 10.99€ than the price of one or three years of subscription. Even if it is a trial offer, you will indeed be debited for this sum (before being reimbursed later if you respect the conditions).

To subscribe to the VPN, you will only have the choice between two means of payment: by credit card or by PayPal. It’s much more limited than its main competitors but it’s the most used means, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

2. Install clients on devices of your choice

Once you have created your account and have your access, all you have to do is download the HideMyAss VPN client on the platform of your choice. Once the installation is complete, you must log in with your credentials.

You can now use the service in its full version. Be careful, however, to check how much data you are consuming. The trial offer allows a refund of the amount previously advanced only if you consume less than 10GB of bandwidth and this can go very quickly. If you’re downloading files or streaming videos, you’ll get there quickly.

For other uses, no problem, everything is authorized depending on the servers to which you are going to connect.

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3. Request a refund before the 30-day deadline

To be able to request your refund and thus take advantage of this free trial period, the request must be made within a maximum of 30 days after registration. Beyond that, no refund will be made. Also, make sure you don’t exceed the maximum data quota as mentioned earlier.

If you meet these conditions, you can then contact customer service directly from the HideMyAss website. We advise you not to wait until the last moment to make your refund request. Opt instead for a period of 20 to 25 days to be on time.

Can I take advantage of this offer from my phone?

You can completely subscribe to HideMyAss from your smartphone if you wish, using your web browser. However, the service also offers another offer: 7 days of free and unlimited trial through in-app purchases on iOS or Android.

To enjoy it, just install the application and open it. You will then be offered to subscribe to this offer. You will not be charged for 7 days (provided you cancel 6 days maximum after subscription, otherwise the renewal of €77.99 will be charged to your payment method associated with the Play Store or the App Store).

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By subscribing, you will be able to enjoy 7 days of free subscription to HydeMyAss. You will have access to all the features of the service. By then canceling the subscription from the Google Play Store or the App Store, you will not be charged. Even better: just after subscription, you can cancel your subscription directly and avoid unpleasant surprises. You will also keep the 7 days free access to the service by doing this.

Also note that the mobile version of the VPN is excellent and gives you three options: Instant Mode, Location Mode, and Freedom Mode. This is a strong point of HideMyAss which thus offers us one of the most effective applications on the market.

Simply put, Instant Mode allows you to connect to the fastest available server with one click (so you don’t choose the location). Location Mode lets you choose which server you want to connect to. For the last mode, the Freedom Mode, it will connect you to the fastest server located in the nearest country considered “free”. This last option is particularly ideal for circumventing political censorship in certain countries.


How to continue using HideMyAss after the trial period?

After the trial period, you can continue to use HideMyAss but if you exceed the 30-day period, you cannot get a refund. You can still cancel your subscription and request a refund before the maximum period and subscribe again to an existing offer.

If you have already subscribed to a larger offer (a one- or three-year plan, for example), you can choose not to contact customer service and not to request any refund. In this case, your subscription will continue until it expires and you can continue to enjoy the service for several more months.

Finally, HideMyAss like the majority of its competitors opts for a “Satisfied or refunded” option. This allows them to avoid offering a trial offer that does not commit the user in any way. As always with this operation: remember to cancel before the end of the trial period to be sure not to be debited or renewed.

Before committing to a HideMyAss subscription, find out how to cancel HideMyAss

Activate the HMA trial period

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