How are living conditions simulated on Mars?

Added to the race to conquer Mars, which involves companies such as SpaceX, whose main mission is to create ships capable of reaching Mars, is added the disadvantage that people who go to a neighboring planet for the first time are really ready for it. be able to survive and will certainly never be able to return to Earth. There are two factors involved: physical and psychological. It’s useless to be physically fit if extreme conditions the planets make your mind unable to accept them. This is why scientists have been working for years to reproduce the conditions of life for Mars on Earth.

Astronauta explorando marte

NASA Space Base 3D

Resources available to the first astronauts to enter first mission there will be little to Mars. The plans do not include spending the least amount of food, water or oxygen, and if exhausted, they will have to look after them, as actor Mat Damon does in the sci-fi movie The Martian. In addition to limited resources , communication with the Earth will be a problem. Any message sent by astronauts will reach Earth in 11 minutes. A lag that doesn’t seem long, but if it’s a life or death situation, it can be critical.

For all these reasons, NASA technicians planned three one-year missions each in which the conditions of life on Mars will be simulated. All of them will take place at the Johnson Space Center, owned by NASA and located in Houston. The selected four people will have to live in module made 3D a printer called Mars Dune Alpha.

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During missions, besides the fact that they live in their own skin and the lack of resources that life imposes on the red planet, they will also perform scientific experiments, use virtual reality devices and simulate spacewalks. One of the greatest challenges will be to determine the possible loss of connection with a flight control center.

Mars Dune Alpha

The space base replica has 160 square meters with different modules for each astronaut. It has two bathrooms, a first-aid post, a gym and several work areas. A space base capable of simulating life conditions on Mars designed by the architects of the BIG-Bjarke Ingles Group. The goal is that in this habitat, astronauts can face the same conditions and challenges that they might face on Mars. Mars Dune Alpha can adjust lighting, temperature and noise levels to match the circadian rhythms of its inhabitants.

City in the middle of the desert

Mars Science City is a United Arab Emirates-led project that aims to simulate life on Mars. Dubai considered the first place on the planet where the world first extraterrestrial city was built where you can live like on Mars. In this case, there are countries that are not satisfied with travel to space or the conquest of Mars, but their goal is to transfer this experience to Earth. This is the case of Dubai, which is completing the construction of the world’s first Martian city. The country announced their ambitious project in 2017, but it wasn’t until last year that they tackled it again with force.

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Town Martian Science City will serve as a training ground for future trips to Mars and will have a whopping 176,626 30 square meters, an area equivalent to XNUMX soccer fields. Residents will live in the same conditions as on the red planet, starting from insulation v underground structures in the form of domes or domes designed on 3D printers. Interconnected biodomes will be prepared to house research laboratories, gardens and advanced power generation machinery. Unlike NASA, the Dubai government does not close doors to give it a tourist destination, as the sketches feature a museum, theater, and interpretation center.

Martian Science City in Dubai

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