How can we keep our domain safe

What you need to do to keep your domain safe

We may have a website and we want our domain, our site, to be secure. It may also happen that we mean the acquisition of a domain to create a page, and we want to do everything from the very beginning so that there are no problems that jeopardize the security and privacy of not only the website, but also the guests.

How can we keep our domain safe

SSL certificate

Something fundamental to protecting our domain is to have SSL certificate This is to keep your connection secure and confidential. This is very important not only for maintaining security, but even for SEO it is very important for Google. Ultimately, this means that our site will be protected from others who may not be, or vice versa.

When we browse the Internet, we will see that sometimes the Internet shows HTTP and others HTTPS This appended “S” means it has a security certificate. This is what indicates that this site is secure and has an SSL certificate.

We have to sign these SSL certificates with the hosting where the domain is located.

Conexiones SSL HTTPS

Hide WHOIS details

Whois As we know, this is a TCP protocol that makes a query in the database that allows you to find out the owner of a website, his data, etc. This is all public information that is available on the Internet.

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Hiding WHOIS data is another issue we can take into account to keep our domain secure. Thus, we will hide the email address or phone number. Instead of our data, the data of the service we use will be displayed.

Register other important domains

One of the methods protect our domain To avoid problems that might impersonate our identity or use the site name, it is worth registering other domains. Let’s say, for example, that we have a network name. This is our site. However, if we do not have any other registered domains, anyone can come and register, impersonate us and use that name.

Therefore, another interesting tip is to register other domains. At the very least, we should consider registering those that are more important, like .es, .com, etc.

Choosing the right domain registrar

This is also an important thing. We have many options for registering our domain. There are many services available online. Now, not all of them will have the same security settings, features, and utilities.

It is important that we take a look at the features they offer us. Thus, we can choose the one that best suits what we are looking for. They will also take care of any problems we have.

Beware of renewal

Without a doubt, this is something that we must consider if we do not want surprises. We must be on the lookout and avoid running out of time renew domain and it can affect us. If the deadline is met and we do not extend it, we may have problems because the network stops working or even if the appropriate security period passes, anyone else can register this domain.

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In short, here are some basic tips that we must take into account in order to keep our domain safe and free from any problems. We already know that security is a very important factor for users and that there are many types of attacks that we can find on the Internet. Protecting our site will be essential.

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