How do I switch to “All Together” view mode on Microsoft Teams?

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Do you find it not easy to feel the team spirit during a video call? To remedy this, Microsoft Teams allows you to create meetings in “Together” mode. This functionality offers the possibility of bringing together all the participants in the same place, of course virtual. Up to 49 people can take place in this digital setting. The stated objective of the Redmond firm is to connect employees more, reduce their fatigue and engage them even more.

Here’s how to activate this feature, which is reminiscent of meetings with “Immersive View” recently offered by one of Teams’ competitors, Zoom.

After creating a meeting, a window opens asking you to set up audio and video. After completing this task, click the “Join Now” button.

Microsoft Teams together mode

A new pane appears, where you can add contacts, by sending them a link or by adding them directly. Note that you must be at least five participants for the “Together” feature to activate. Do not go there with a dead hand!

Microsoft Teams together mode

Click on the new page that opens on the three small dots at the top. Then go to “Together Mode”.

Microsoft Teams together mode

Thanks to a good dose of AI, Microsoft will segment the faces and bring all the participants together in the same room. You will be able to see your little buddies as if they were sitting next to you in the same room. The opportunity, for example, to observe their body language in a single pane. Good meeting !

Microsoft Teams together mode

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