How do the impressive adaptive triggers of the PlayStation 5 controller DualSense work? [İzle]

PlayStation 5 next generation game controller prepared for DualSense A new video has surfaced. Here is the inside of the model.

PlayStation 5 controller DualSense, With its design and hardware features, it is among the most important details of the console. Very curious about this game controlleris currently in the hands of many people for examination abroad. The controller is last without any extra processing. Android devices and PC’It came to the fore with the news that it can be used in accordance with the Now, the most important detail of the device, namely to adaptive triggers An in-depth look was taken. Triggers that those who get the chance to try find incredibly impressive, you know, are an effective tool. resistance system owner. This resistance is exactly with the motor and gear placed at the back. being created. Game companies can change the power here as they wish. The system, which you can see directly below, is said to bring an incredible gaming experience with the general vibration system of the model, which is called better than phones.

the new PS5 controller is amazing, thanks to adaptive triggers and improved haptics. A teardown has revealed exactly how these triggers work. Details here:

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) November 3, 2020

What else is known for the PlayStation 5 controller DualSense?

DualSenseAs you can see, it has a very ergonomic structure. The game controller, which has a built-in microphone and thus facilitates in-game calls, can be easily charged via USB-C. As previously reported, this new game controller is from the PS4 controller. able to provide much better feedback. Even the smallest details on the new arm vibration It is said that it can be felt from above.

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PS5’s official trailer

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