How does Banco Itaú’s iPhone para Semper plan work?

iPhone para Semper is the partnership between Itaú and Apple, which allows you to buy a new iPhone in more installments and exchange for a new model paying only 70% of the device’s value

With current market prices, it is increasingly common that many people’s desire for a iPhone become distant. Although carrier plans and even some cashback deals are found, the result is that the value is still too great to be a smooth decision to make.

Thinking about it, the Itaú have the program iPhone forever, an initiative in partnership with the Apple which allows bank customers to purchase the device through the Itaú, Itaú Personnalité and Itaucard applications, and pay 70% of the amount in 21 installments.

So, if you plan to buy a iPhone 12, the new line of Apple, for example, we have prepared a complete guide on iPhone Forever, which can be an alternative for you to have a new iPhone.

What is iPhone Forever?

The program is a partnership with the bank Itaú with the Apple, which aims to offer an alternative for Itaú customers to finance a iPhone new.

Financing by iPhone pra Semper, makes it possible to pay in installments (only on credit cards from Itaú bank) 70% of the value of an iPhone in 21 fixed installments, with the remaining 30% being paid only at the end, along with the last installment of the financing .

After the 21-month period, you will have 10 days to choose whether to keep the iPhone, return it, or exchange it for a new iPhone device. Apple.

In addition to the advantage of being able to change your iPhone every 21 months, the program allows you to pay a smaller portion on an iPhone, as the purchase will be divided in more times than is observed in other iPhone sales outlets. However, the device is purchased directly from Apple Store, following the company’s price list.

How does iPhone Forever work?

By accessing one of the bank’s applications (Itaú, Itaú Personnalité and Itaucard) you will have the option to choose the iPhone model that you like best and, having a limit on your Itaú credit cards, 70% of the device’s value will be charged on 21 times. In a few days, you will receive your chosen iPhone at your home.

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After the 21-month period, you will have 10 days after the last installment to make a decision on the three options that the plan offers you:

  • Keep the iPhone, thus paying the remaining 30% of the price.
  • Return the device, canceling the payment of the remaining 30%.
  • Exchange the current iPhone for a new model, canceling the 30% that was to be paid from the previous device and starting a new cycle of 21 installments of the new iPhone you chose.

It is important to note that the program is only available for one device per CPF, preventing you from using this program more than once to purchase other devices.

Returns and exchanges of iPhones will be carried out via postal service. And if you choose to exchange your iPhone for a current model, you can only do so after 21 months. Thus, it will not be possible to purchase a model from the year following the purchase, but only 2 years later.

Another important point is that payments will only be accepted via Itaú credit cards (and that have a limit equal to or greater than the value of the device chosen) and if there is a delay in the payment of the card bill for more than 55 days, the 30% must be paid and you will lose the chance to exchange or return the iPhone.

How much does the iPhone 12 cost on iPhone Forever

The marketing of iPhones is connected to Apple Store. Therefore, we have prepared a table with each of the models of the iPhone 12 and the final value of each one through the iPhone Forever:

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iPhone 12 mini

Iphone 12 mini in financing the iphone for ever program in itaú

O iPhone 12 mini it has a 5.4 inch screen and is available in black, white, red, blue and green. Has storage variations from 64GB and even 256 GB. It has two cameras, one with an Angle lens and the other wide.

Storage Financing Value if you keep the iPhone, after 21 installments (30% remaining)
64GB 21 x BRL 233.30 = BRL 4,899.30 (+) BRL 2,099.70
128GB 21 x BRL 275.11 = BRL 5,399.31 (+) BRL 2,099.69
256 GB 21x of BRL 299.49 = BRL 6,289.29 (+) BRL 2,209.71

iPhone 12

White iphone 12 model available on the itaú program

With 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage, the iPhone 12 features 12MP Ultra-Angle and Wide-Angle rear cameras. Its screen is 6.1 inches, the front camera is 12MP with Face ID and is available in blue, black, white, red and green.

Storage Financing Value if you keep the iPhone, after 21 installments (30% remaining)
64GB 21 x BRL 266.63 = BRL 5,599.23 (+) BRL 2,399.77
128GB 21 x BRL 291.39 = BRL 6,119.19 (+) R$2,379.81
256 GB 21x of BRL 334.73 = BRL 7,029.33 (+) BRL 2,469.67

iPhone 12 Pro

Iphone 12 pro no iphone forever in pacific blue color

O iPhone 12 Pro has a 6.1 inch screen, LiDAR sensor and 3 rear cameras, 12 MP Wide and Ultra Angle (f/1.6) and 12MP Telephoto (f/2.0). It is available in gold, pacific blue and silver color and with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage.

Storage Financing Value if you keep the iPhone, after 21 installments (30% remaining)
256 GB 21 x BRL 377.11 = BRL 7,919.31 (+) BRL 3,078.69
512 GB 21 x BRL 458.06 = BRL 9,016.26 (+) BRL 3,379.74

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Iphone 12 pro max in iphone program forever

With LiDAR sensor, for augmented reality and quicker focus in low light environments, the iPhone 12 Pro Max it also has 3 rear cameras and 12MP front camera (f/2.2) with Face ID and 256GB and 512GB storage. It is available in gold and black.

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Storage Financing Value if you keep the iPhone, after 21 installments (30% remaining)
128GB 21 x BRL 366.63 = BRL 7,699.23 (+) BRL 3,299.77
256 GB 21 x BRL 411.39 = BRL 8,639.19 (+) BRL 3,359.81
512 GB 21x of BRL 493.30 = BRL 10,359.30 (+) BRL 3,639.70

And remembering again: the values ​​of the devices are the same found in Apple Store. And to carry out your financing using the iPhone para Semper, you must have an Itaú credit card and an available limit equal to or greater than the value of the iPhone.

What other iPhones are available for purchase?

For financing within the iPhone para Semper, in addition to the iPhone 12 line, the line is available iPhone 11, IF and XR. Check available values ​​and colors:

Storage Financing Value if you keep the iPhone, after 21 installments (30% remaining)
iPhone 11
64GB 21 x BRL 190.44 = BRL 3,999.24 (+) BRL 999.76
iPhone 11 Pro
512 GB 21 x BRL 351.39 = BRL 7,379.19 (+) BRL 1,619.81
iPhone 11 Pro Max
64GB 21 x BRL 289.45 = BRL 6,079.29 (+) BRL 1,519.71
256 GB 21 x BRL 323.96 = BRL 6,803.16 (+) BRL 1,595.84
512 GB 21 x BRL 374.82 = BRL 7,871.22 (+) BRL 1,727.78
iPhone SE
64GB 21 x BRL 149.72 = BRL 3,144.12 (+) BRL 554.88
128GB 21 x BRL 163.77 = BRL 3,439.17 (+) BRL 559.83
256 GB 21 x BRL 186.39 = BRL 3,914.19 (+) BRL 584.81
iPhone XR
64GB 21 x BRL 174.01 = BRL 3,654.21 (+) BRL 644.79
128GB 21 x BRL 188.34 = BRL 3,955.14 (+) BRL 643.86

Is the iPhone program always worth it?

The program offers a greater number of installments than what we’ve seen offered in stores, which can facilitate the purchase of a new iPhone since the amount of monthly installments will also be lower.

The great advantage of the iPhone para Semper program is, at the end of the 21 installments, being able to exchange the current device for a new one, without paying the residual 30%. That way, in less than 2 years you’ll always have the opportunity to have a new iPhone and you won’t need to sell your old device for a low price to be able to buy a new one — considering that the resale, on sites like Trocafone, is for an iPhone 11 for $1,200, iPhone 11 Pro for $1,500, and iPhone 11 Pro Max for $1,600.

what did you think of the iPhone forever? Tell us in the comments if you think it would be a good deal to buy an iPhone through the program.

Source: Itaú

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