How much does it cost to repair or replace the iPhone battery?


If you notice that your iPhone begins to show signs of weakness, it is likely that you have to go through the workshop. In addition to the screen change, changing the iPhone battery is one of the most requested services within the stores of Apple. For this reason it is not too much to have on hand the information of how much it costs repair or replace iPhone battery.

If you want to know if you must change the battery of your iPhone because the phone lasts less and less on, it is not bad that you go through the power settings of the mobile and check battery degradation rate just in case the time to change it was approaching.

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Prices to change the iPhone battery

As for the rest of the models, with a classic screen and with the standard design of the iPhone until the arrival of the iPhone X two years ago, the official prices to change the iPhone battery They are 20 euros cheaper.

They are joined by the rest of suitable models, that is, previous models that should be studied individually in each case. The battery replacement is also 49 euros.

Generally all iPhone They may be repaired in any center of Apple but it is also possible to charge € 12.10 if Apple consider that you need to send your iPhone to repair

change iphone battery

And out of Apple?

If these prices are not suitable for your pocket, you always have the opportunity to change the battery of the iPhone in any store destined for it, although Apple It is already beginning to punish this activity. If you change the battery in a center not authorized by the firm, Apple block the aforementioned iPhone function that reveals status information Of the same. In addition, a message will appear on the screen indicating that the battery must be replaced.

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In this case the prices are quite similar. Phone house, for example, also charges 69 euros for the latest iPhone models released to the market while the models of the iPhone 8 Plus backwards are cheaper, varying the price of change phone battery depending on their status.

phone house battery

Another option is to take advantage of the kits iPhone battery repair sold by iFixit experts to change this component for yourself.

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