How Samsung wants to make it possible to repair your smartphones for cheap

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Samsung will offer spare parts from smartphones recycled to increase the life of its products.

The Korean manufacturer is embarking on a new adventure by deploying great efforts vis-à-vis the repairability of its terminals. The goal? Allow users to keep their phone longer by having the ability to make repairs and part changes at lower cost.

Reduce the cost of repairs and reduce the environmental impact

Samsung is therefore embarking on a new approach to reduce the cost of repairing its smartphones by using recycled parts. This program, scheduled for launch in the first half of 2022, could for example halve the cost of replacing a broken screen. In order to maintain a certain rigor as to the quality of used spare parts, it would seem that the manufacturer has chosen to set up a reconditioning certification.

The facts described are however not so surprising, since they follow the recent announcement by Samsung of the launch of a repair program ” Do It Yourself in partnership with iFixit. It would then be possible for any consumer to obtain these spare and certified parts in a safe manner.

In addition, if the price of repairing a smartphone can be an argument to tip the scales towards Samsung, the ecological aspect is also to be taken into consideration. By increasing the lifespan of its phones in circulation, the company reduces the environmental impact of its products, since they are kept longer.

Samsung should not stop there, and the company should also allow individuals to access these famous certified parts from recycling.

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