How to activate and use Gmail secret mode

Sending and receiving emails in secret mode in Gmail is perhaps one of its most important features. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s only because this feature has been quiet under the radar. So, let’s learn more about this feature. When you send an email using Gmail secret mode, your confidential information will continue to be protected against unauthorized access. Let’s see how to activate and use the secret mode in Gmail.

Gmail’s secret mode feature also allows you to set an expiration date for email. After the time period has elapsed, the recipient will no longer be able to view the email. The same applies to any attachment you may have. Not only that, you can even block forwarding of all mail or copying of content. Along the same lines, you can also block the download of attachments.

To make it more secure, Google has also added two security modes. One is the standard mode while the other is SMS access code. If you choose Standard mode, Google will send the recipient with an access code, if they do not use the Gmail application. However, if you use it, you just need to login with Gmail ID and password. While in the case of the SMS Password Code, the recipient will receive the code by SMS. The second mode does not depend on whether you use the Gmail app or not. You will always have to enter the access code received by SMS to see the content of the letter.

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Every email sent in secret mode is always blocked with this access code. Therefore, only the intended recipient with the correct access code can open it. So, with this necessary information, open the instructions below to learn more about the secret mode in Gmail. This mode works both in the Gmail application and in desktop version. Also, if this feature really makes you curious, don’t forget to check out 3 new Gmail features you should know about.

Sending emails in secret mode

  1. Open it Gmail application on your Android device.
  2. Touch the plus icon at the bottom right to start writing a new email.
  3. Once in Write a letter section, Touchez the three dots in the upper right corner.
  4. Select Secret mode from the dropdown menu.
  5. Down Set expiration section, Touchez the drop-down arrow and select the time period after which the letter will expire. Once the letter reaches this specific time, the recipient will not be able to see the content (and the attachments, either).
  6. When it comes to secret modes in Gmail, you have two protection modes (found below Password required section): Standard mode (access code by mail) or SMS access code (SMS access code).
  7. Choose the one you like the most and play save at the top right to complete all your choices.
  8. Come back and now you can see Expired context Message in Write mail. Just touch the button Send it button to send your email. send secret mode by email
  9. Especially if you have chosen SMS Access code, you must take additional steps to add the recipient’s phone number. Touch it Add missing information in the dialog box that appears.
  10. On the next screen, you should now enter recipient’s phone number and play Finished Enter the phone number in Gmail
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With this, you have completed the steps to send a secret email in Gmail. Now go to the next section and see how to view this secret email when someone sends it to you. Other than that, this is just one of the many amazing Gmail related tips. For more, see 7 Secret Gmail Tips and Tricks for Android.

View email in secret mode

If the sender has sent you a letter in confidential mode, there may be two cases, whether you have chosen the SMS Access Code mode or the Standard mode. We will discuss the two cases below.

  1. Go to Gmail inbox. if you have received a letter with SMS access code security, then you must verify your identity. Touchez Send password the button this will send you One-time password (OTP) below. If you don’t get a password, wait a moment and then Touchez Resend access code. Or ask the sender to double-check the number you entered.
  2. Now enter the password you just received and Touchez Send it If all goes well, you will be able to see the entire content of the letter, until the letter ends. Send a password in Gmail
  3. Meanwhile, if the sender chooses Standard mode, then you can immediately open a letter and read its contents. But this only applies if you have the Gmail app. Otherwise, you must enter the password that you will receive by email.

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on how to secretly send and receive email in Gmail. Share your thoughts and questions, if any, in the comments section below.

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