How to activate fingerprint lock in WhatsApp Beta for Android

WhatsApp Beta on Android now finally uses the fingerprint conversation protection feature. IOS users have enjoyed it for several months. Fingerprint protection for conversations is now available in the latest beta version of WhatsApp on Android (version 2.19.221). This is activated from the privacy settings and to take advantage of it of course your phone must have a fingerprint sensor and a valid fingerprint configured in the Android security settings.

After activating fingerprint authentication, the settings screen will delay WhatsApp lock for a few minutes so you don’t have to enter your fingerprint every time you open the app. There are three options available: Direct block, after one minute or thirty minutes. . In our opinion, the last option is the most appropriate. Every time you exit WhatsApp or the screen turns off, you don’t need to unlock the app when you return in 30 minutes. More comfortable when, for example, in a complete conversation.

Open fingerprint in WhatsApp Beta

This feature can be activated by logging in. Go to WhatsApp Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint lock . To access it, download the latest beta version of Whatsapp through the APK; direct link is available on the front. Fortunately, you can run a beta install along with your normal WhatsApp because it doesn’t overwrite the default apps that are already installed. The second step is to register for the beta program through this link (registration is open intermittently).

Finally, another option on the configuration screen is to hide or not fill the message on the notification card. We have tried all this and it works very well. But it could be that the new features don’t appear at all, even after installing the beta version and joining the program. 9to5 Google recommends trying to clear the app cache and start again. But be careful, this might require restoring the conversation as long as you save it regularly. If you don’t want to take the risk, the feature will hit the public version of WhatsApp in the coming weeks.


After completing the fingerprint lock, close WhatsApp and then run it again. This time it will ask for your fingerprint to open the WhatsApp conversation. If you are a beta tester, tell us how it works for you in the comments section below.

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