How to activate left-handed mode on Android

In a world of right-handed people, left-handed people are condemned to adapt. Everything is intended to be used with the right hand: cars, musical instruments, kitchen utensils … even mobile phones. If you take your smartphone with your left hand and start navigating the screen you may not initially notice anything, but after a while you may realize that there are certain operations that cost more to do without ending up in a menu you didn’t want to go. You may even open apps unintentionally, and in that case I will say “welcome to my world”. For Android users like me (and like you, if it is your case) there is a very simple solution that does not require complicated steps: activate left-handed mode. We tell you how to do it.

Turn on Android left handed mode

Let’s start by giving good news: the left-handed mode is included natively on Android; you don’t need to install anything, get permissions from root, Nothing like that. In fact, it has been integrated into the operating system since version 4.4. What is necessary is to know where to go, and that’s what we are for.

First, you will have to have developer options enabled. To find them you will have to go to the route Settings> Phone information or similar (remember that depending on the personalization layer and the manufacturer the route may vary) and click on the Android build number until a message appears announcing that you are already a developer.

Keep in mind that the section on which you must click may also vary between manufacturers and terminals. In the case of my Xiaomi Pocophone F1 you have to click on the MIUI version. Now look for the developer options in the settings, and once inside look for this section:

Left-handed mode activation /

Click on it to activate left-handed mode, and you will see how the screen orientation automatically change:

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Left-handed mode on /

And that’s it, you can use your Android with your left hand without worrying about anything else. As you can see it is easy to do and only requires a little patience.

How to activate left-handed mode on Android 2

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