How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently (100% Successful)

An easy way to permanently activate Microsoft Office 2010 offline without the need for a product key

After reading our tutorial on how to install Microsoft Office 2010 on a computer / laptop, the next step so that your Microsoft Office 2010 can be used optimally is to activate Microsoft Office 2010.

Even without activation, Microsoft Office 2010 can still be used. However, there are some limitations in its use such as features that are not used as a whole, the appearance of the words “non-commercial use” every time we use it and so on, all of that for some people is quite annoying. What’s even more troublesome is that we can’t use Microsoft Office 2010 at all when our trial period is up.

When it comes to activating Microsoft Office, it will not be far from what is called a product key. Yup, to activate Microsoft Office 2010 you need a product key that you previously had, whether you got it from a laptop purchase (bonus DVD installer for Microsoft Office 2010) or something else.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanent

But the problem that we often encounter is, most Microsoft Office users are students and most of them don’t have a product key, so what to do?

Don’t worry, in this tutorial we will discuss how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 for beginners, complete with pictures at each step. Let’s see the discussion below:

1. First make sure you turn off antivirus or security on windows you. Click knob Windows to enter Start Menu then type antivirus, then select Viruses & threat protection.

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select Virus & threat protection

2. Next click Manage settings.

Manage settings

3. You need to turn off the security feature on windows you by changing the button from On Becomes off.

How to Activate the Latest Microsoft Office 2010

4. Next click Yes if a notification appears like this.

click Yes

5. Next, download the activator file via the link below:

Then right click the file then select Extract to like the picture below:

select Extract to

6. Then click 2X the activator.

How to Permanently Activate Microsoft Office 2010

7. If a notification like this appears, just select it Yes.

just choose Yes

8. To activate Microsoft Office 2010, just click Office icon (as boxed in red).

click the Office icon

9. Move to tab Activation then click button EZ-Activator.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Offline

10. Wait for the activation process to finish, until it says Product activation successful.

Product activation successful

11. To find out whether Microsoft Office 2010 has been activated or not, open the Microsoft Word application and go to the menu File > Help. If it is written Product activated, it means Microsoft Office 2010 has been successfully activated.

it says Product activated

That’s the tutorial on how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 that I can convey. You need to remember if the above method is not allowed by Microsoft. I understand that for students to buy a license / product key it will be difficult because of course their pocket money is not sufficient. Hopefully the tutorial above is useful and easy to understand, see you in the next tutorial!!

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