How to blur the background on Google Meet during video calls

Option to blur background on Google Meet is now available, allowing you to make your video background blurred.

Thanks to the pandemic, online meetings are becoming more common, and with it various video calling software is becoming used. However, it is common for users not to want to view the environment they are in. Tools like Zoom allow you to change the background of your image, but in the case of Google Meet, which is competing with these other programs, this is not yet possible. But there’s a feature in Google’s app that might help take the hassle out of sharing your room or office: background blur.

We have prepared a tutorial on how to blur the background in Google Meet which is pretty easy to follow. The hourly function is only available on some hardware – those with four CPU cores and those with Hyper-Threading. If even your computer meeting these requirements can’t blur the screen or get very slow, we’ll also teach you to turn on hardware acceleration for the Google Chrome, which might help.

How to blur the background on Google Meet (before joining the meeting)

  1. Check the blur icon on the transmitted screen

Before broadcasting, just press the icon shown above and your desktop background will be blurred. It’s that simple!

How to blur the background on Google Meet (within a meeting)

  1. Open the Google Meet menu
MSI Pro 24X 7M-223EU, all in one optimized and very interesting

Go to the three points indicated in the image to open the menu of Google Meet.

two. Select “Turn on screen blur”

With the menu open, just go to the option “Enable Background Blur” and now in the middle of the meeting your background will be blurred.

Enabling Google Chrome Hardware Acceleration

the blur on Google Meet it requires a little more power from your computer, and can make certain actions on it slower. To fix this, you can make use of the hardware acceleration of the Google Chrome following the next steps:

  1. Open the Google Chrome menu and go to “Settings”

To the right of the address bar of the Chrome you will find the icon to access the Chrome menu. Click on it and go to “Settings”.

two. Click on the arrow next to “Advanced” and go to “System”

In the left corner of the Chrome settings screen you will find the word “Advanced” with an arrow. Press the arrow to open a menu drop down and choose the option “System”

3. Activate the option “Hardware Acceleration”

Once in the system options, just leave the option “Use hardware acceleration when available” turned on and the Chrome will try to make your hardware faster.

Source: Google

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