How to Choose the Best Wi-Fi Printer for Your Home

What is it for and how does a Wi-Fi printer work?

The main advantage of a Wi-Fi printer is that it does not require equipment to be connected via a cable. For example, we don’t need to run the cable that goes to our computer through the USB port. We simply connect computers to a home or corporate network and gain access to a printer to print documents.

The best Wi-Fi printer for our home

He is working on Wireless network … Usually it should be connected to a router, but we can also find versions with Wi-Fi Direct technology and this is not necessary. We just need to connect the mobile phone or device we are using to the printer and send the documents to print.

But without a doubt the fundamental advantage is that we can connect many devices in the same time. For example, if we have a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer, we can send files to print from each of them, and not just from the one that we connected via cable.

What a wireless printer should look like

Now when we get to buy wireless printer we have to consider some interesting factors. There are problems that will make one option better than the other. For example, connectivity, security, the ability to connect more equipment due to compatibility with operating systems, etc.

Application compatibility

The fundamental aspect is to be knowledgeable about compatibility with mobile applications that we can use, both for Android and Ios. They are very useful to be able to send documents and images in a simple and fast way without the need for a computer connection.

Using separate audio controls in Windows 10

We are increasingly using mobile devices in our daily life, and we have a wide range of possibilities. It is important that the equipment we use is mobile compatible, as many Wi-Fi printers offer today.

Connectivity and Wi-Fi Direct

It’s important to keep track of what connectivity options you have. Interestingly, it has not only Wi-Fi, but also the ability to connect via network cable … Thus, we will have one more opportunity, for example, to connect computers.

We also have to observe what type of Wi-Fi connection it supports (b / g / n) as well as compatibility with Wi-Fi Direct to make it easier to send documents and print them without using a router.

Wi-Fi Direct

Compatible with multiple operating systems

There are many OS which we can use in our daily life. We can have a mobile iOS, an Android tablet, a desktop computer with Windows 10 and, for example, a laptop with macOS.

It is therefore interesting that it has excellent compatibility with major operating systems and that we have no problem connecting and using a Wi-Fi printer.

Security features

Any device with a wireless connection must be properly secured … Before purchasing a Wi-Fi printer, we must make sure that it has sufficient security to prevent hacking of our equipment.

For example, we should see that it has an IP filter, IPsec (which is a protocol for securing Internet Protocol communications), and WPA2-PSK encryption.

Laser or cartridges?

This is a little personal as it will depend on the type of user and how we are going to use the printer. We can choose both the one that works with cartridges and the other that works with a laser.

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If we are going to use it for printing a lot, like in a company, it would ideally be laser inks.


Here you can mention common performance printer. How many copies can you make per minute? Does it have the ability to work for a long time without overheating?

There are certain factors that we also have to buy among the various printers at our disposal in order to select the one that works best for what we need and calibrate it based on the budget.

Mejorar la seguridad de una impresora

Print quality

Something similar happens with print quality … A home printer on which we are only going to print copies of texts is not the same as another printer we are going to use for a company where we need to print a lot of high quality photographs or images.

In short, these are some fundamental factors that we must take into account when we go to buy a wireless printer. There are some points that may be more important to some users than others. We must always choose the best option that suits us.

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