How to clear explorer history Windows 10

In the history of the explorer Windows we store all the searches we do with him, and every time we start a new search, he provides us with different suggestions that may match our wishes.

Clear explorer history Windows 10

However, it may also happen that these offers are not useful to us, and this is annoying with regard to privacy as they share the computer with other people. At the same time, it can cause the application to become slower and more unstable, accumulating a lot of search results.

To avoid this, in case we are tired of storing information that we are not interested in in the history of the browser, there are different ways to proceed with its complete removal, and we will consider it below.

Methods for deleting explorer history in Windows

Recent searches

This first method is as easy as accessing File Explorer from any folder. Then click inside the “search bar”. Later, on the “Search” tab, we will see the “Recent Searches” function. Click on it and a drop-down menu will open with the last searches we performed. Just below all searches, the option “Clear search history” appears, which we must click and thus “Clear all Explorer history”

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From folder options

We access Explorer by opening any folder. Then click the View menu and click the Options button to access Change Folder and Search Options. In the new window we have to go to the “Privacy” section. Here we will find “Clear Explorer History” , Right next to it, click the “Delete” button. Finally, click Apply and then OK to confirm your changes.

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Explorador de Archivos opciones de carpeta

Using a keyboard shortcut

Another easy method to remove searches from history Windows Explorer is using shift + delete Keyboard shortcut. To do this, open the explorer from any folder and click on the search bar. Dial until the list of history results appears. Use the arrow keys to highlight the result you want to delete and press Shift + Delete. Thus, the result you specified will be removed from history. This is a useful technique if, instead of deleting the entire history, we want to delete specific results or search results.

Explorador de archivos atajos de teclado

From the registry Windows

It is also possible to make a small change to The registry reset Explorer history. We remember that we must be careful when making changes in the editor, as poor manipulation can affect the operating system. To access the registry, we will press Windows + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run window. Here we will print “Regedit” and press the Enter key.

Ejecutar regedit

After opening the Registry Editor, we should be able to access the following location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / WordWheelQuery Explorer

Registry editor Windows

Here we must note “WordWheelQuery” folder to delete it by pressing the delete key on keyboard or by right-clicking and selecting Uninstall.

Subsequently, we press the ctrl + alt + delete key combination to access the task manager Here we find the Processes tab and look for a conductor Windows… We select it and click on Reload button bottom right. So the story Windows Explorer will be erased.

Task Manager Windows

PC cleaning and optimization programs

In addition to the steps we can take from Windows to delete explorer history WindowsWe may also select some third-party applications that specialize in keeping our computer clean and optimized:

WinSysClean X10

This is a complete cleaning program to make our computer run like the first day. Its features include the ability to analyze records and files to detect and clean up invalid records. Delete Internet history and records of our activities on your PC. It is also able to speed up our computer by deleting unnecessary and temporary files. It has 85 functions for cleaning Windows and over 200 tools for cleaning applications. Thus, WinSysClean X10 becomes the ideal program for solving problems. Windows and effective registry cleaning.

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We can download this program from the following link.

System Ninja

This application was designed to clean up our computer as it has features such as a file analyzer, temporary file cleaner or download manager. It can be very useful for us to clear folders from “junk” files, delete cookies, Internet history, logs Windows… Thanks to the scanning function, System Ninja will take care of looking for temporary files, game caches and utilities for us so that we can keep our computer clean and optimized for a longer time.

We can download the ninja system from the website.

Advanced SystemCare Free

This is an interesting program for cleaning and optimizing our computer with Windowsas it has the ability to deeply analyze the system to improve the performance and stability of the PC. It also allows you to exclude unnecessary files, your browsing history, and address privacy concerns. In addition, it has the functions of cleaning and defragmenting the hard drive and is capable of repairing shortcuts, registry and disk errors.

We can download this program from here.

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