How to Continue Using 40 Mpx in Huawei P30 Pro with EMUI 10.1

You are welcome EMUI 10.1 for Huawei P30 Pro, we found a lot of news and changes that prevented many users from using the 40 Mpx resolution that the main camera of this model has. However, Huawei has not ruled out this possibility, we can relax and update EMUI without fear of losing one of its stellar features.

It is true that EMUI suffers from errors during the update, but this time it has nothing to do, this is a radical change in terms of camera usage. So that you can continue to use 40 megapixel lens With the Sony IMX 650 sensor, we will tell you step by step what you should do and how you can continue to use it on your model. Using the regular camera mode of the Huawei P30 Pro, we actually use the image compressed to 10 Mpx in order to save space, since we don’t always need that much detail.

Use 40 Mpx in Huawei P30 Pro with EMUI 10.1

User complaints on social networks and forums

Both on Twitter, XDA or on different forums, we met users from different countries who warned about the disappearance of the 40 Mpx mode. They themselves share images that show that Gone camera mode 40 Mpx in 4: 3 format, but 7 or 6 megapixels remain. Even in the official Huawei on the forums, we can find an image that shows how much it was previously appreciated.

antiguas opciones camara huawei p30 pro

It would not be surprising if this was an update error, although in our case it was not, we began to investigate it and found a solution. If you want to continue using this camera mode now that you already have EMUI 10.1, you just need to follow these steps.

Huawei P30 Pro High Resolution Mode

The change has gone for the better, and now we need to get maximum detail every time using camera Huawei P30 Pro we just need to click on the camera section and we will see the high resolution option. Just like that, we will save a few steps and will be able to take all the necessary photos.

AVS Photo Editor, a program for editing photos in Windows

high definition huawei p30 pro

With this change, even many users who haven’t used 40 Mpx before are now starting to use it. EMUI 10.1 not only changed the position of this mode of Huawei P30 Pro in high definition mode, but also improved artificial intelligence with the intention of continuing to use cameras that still have a lot to offer.

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