How to customize the lock screen on Huawei phones

Customize the lock screen on Huawei phones

One aspect of our mobile phone that we see most often during the day is the lock screen, on which we check notifications and know the time. This makes its aesthetics very important and can be the difference between being comfortable with a smartphone or hating it. A very easy way to update your mobile phone style is customize your lock screen , something that takes a few seconds and has many options in Huawei.

EMUI layer customization For many years we have been working on customization options for the device so that users can choose what we like best. With the steps we’re going to show you, your cell phone will surely stop looking the same, and to those who see it, it might even look new.

Customize the lock screen on Huawei

To be able to personalize and customize the lock screen to your liking , we just need to go to Huawei mobile settings and then click on “Home screen and wallpaper”. This will open the way for us to many options, which we are going to explain to you one by one, so that you are aware of the possibilities that it offers us and everything that we can do, but we will also add additional options that are not available here.

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personalized pantalla bloqueo huawei

Change EMUI lock style with themes

The first great customizer we find is called Themes, which is one of the aspects that Huawei places more emphasis on. Here we can choose a style that is completely different from our smartphone, which also applies to the lock screen. This allows you to choose new lock styles for your Huawei mobile in a matter of seconds.

temas bloqueo huawei

We can choose between those already assigned to our mobile phone, or slide to the bottom of the screen and enter “Additional Topics”. This will take us to the EMUI integrated application where we can choose from wide selection of free themes if we choose this category. We select the one we like best, see a preview of it, and then download and install it from the bottom button of the screen.

Configure Always Displayed

While Always on display is not actually a lock screen, the concept can be easily confused. In this case, this is a screen that is activated on smartphones with an Amoled panel and on which information is constantly displayed. To personalize it, we have a schedule and different styles at our disposal.

Personalizar always in sight hauwei

We can choose one of the styles that we have in our mobile phone, or click “More Styles” to select it, like before the application was integrated into EMUI. It is also possible to customize Huawei’s Always On Display mode by adding a photo or design made by ourselves.

Change Lock Covers on Huawei

One of the options that many users like the most is the ability automatically change wallpaper in Huawei , this can be done in the “Change skins” section, where we have the opportunity to activate it using a simple button. We can choose where these covers come from by choosing Leica photos, from our mobile phone or from preset styles.

portadas huawei emui

But there is also an alternative choice. static cover of our mobile or Huawei themes. Choosing the last More Wallpaper option will lead us to many free and paid options.

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Sign on Huawei lock screen

One of the additional features customize your Huawei phones lock screen – indicate your name or what we want. This allows us to easily identify the mobile phone and add an important way to recognize it in the event of a loss. You just need to swipe to the “Lock Screen Signature” option on the personalization screen and then write it.

pantalla bloqueo huawei

Add dual clock to locked screen

The last customization option that EMUI 11 offers us so far on Huawei phones – set dual digital clock on lock screen. To activate it, we need to go to Settings> System & Updates> Date & Time. Here we can activate the “Dual Clock” option. When changing the local city to a city other than the one we are in and if they have a different time, we will see both local times on the lock screen.

doble reloj huawei bloqueo

This is especially useful for those who have family and friends in another part of the world who want to communicate with them without having to make calculations to know what time it is.

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