How to customize the status bar of your Realme

Our phones have countless features to make our life easier. One of them is the status bar, which is usually at the top, and where we can see at a glance what happened to the phone in the last few minutes. When Realme mobile , you can customize this status bar.

Customize the status bar of your Realme

Phones show us a lot of information in almost real time, the problem is that sometimes all of it does not fit on the screen, so it is best to choose well those aspects that are our priority.

Focus on priority aspects

This time, we want to give you the opportunity to personalize something as important as the phone’s status bar. To do this, we will be able to access Realme UI feature which makes this task as easy as possible. As we say, the status bar is finite, which means that not all the information that we would like to put in it. This is why, when there is more information than can be displayed using icons, some remain in the background and not displayed, because it is just a matter of space. But we can choose to display only information about events of a certain type, only those that really interest us.

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Thus, if we select only those that are really priority for us, we will always see the information that really interests us and nothing would be left in development because we didn’t have enough room to show other information that we weren’t interested in. What we can easily select in the Realme UI settings.

How do I select items in the status bar?

Well, it is very simple because it is something that has its own menu in the Realme UI settings and is selected as follows.

  • Enter your Realme settings
  • Click Notifications & Status Bar.
  • Select “status icons”
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Here we will be able to select all aspects that are usually displayed in the status bar. As you can see, this panel displays up to 12 different aspects of information. By default, they are all activated, so if this panel displays any type of data about all, it will be impossible to see them all at the same time … Ideally, you pick those aspects that you are really interested in, and do not uncheck them in this menu. Thus, you will only see information about those aspects that you really want to know about your mobile phone.

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