How to Disassemble, Repair, and Clean a Microsoft Xbox Controller

As most of you know, the controller for Xbox consoles hasn’t changed much since the release of the Xbox 360 in late 2005, and even the controller for the current Xbox Series X and S isn’t too different from that design. original. So, while each controller has its own characteristics, in this article we will take an average controller as an example, Xbox One as it is actually the best-selling controller for consoles and PCs.

How to disassemble an Xbox controller to clean the inside

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There are times when lightly cleaning the controller just isn’t enough. The Xbox controller has multiple hinges, not to mention the small gap between the buttons or joysticks and the D-Pad and the plastic of its case, and places where dirt can accumulate, so just wipe them with a cloth or even a swab. ears and alcohol badly leave them. In order to thoroughly clean the controller, you will have to disassemble it completely, which will also give you the opportunity to replace any of its parts if it fails. Let’s see how.

The first thing you need to do is remove the back cover that covers the battery as well as the battery itself. After that, you will need to remove the sticker that is right below it because it covers one of the screws that we have to remove in order to access the inside.

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Then, using a TR9 Torx screwdriver, you will need to remove the screw that covered the sticker.

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In the Xbox 360 controllers we found more screws in the outer area, especially in the clamping area, but this is not the case for the Xbox One controller and beyond, since in this case they are on the inside, so the next step is to pry the sides with a flat screwdriver to remove protective cover, although it is advisable to use a plastic tool that will not damage the outer cover of the device.

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Pay attention to the image so you can see where it is advisable to start curiosity, because the control has three tabs on each side, so it costs a little to open it initially. You will have to pry along the perimeter of each side until you can remove the cover.Desmontar mando

At this stage, you will be able to more effectively clean the entire nip area, which is actually the site of more dirt from the sweat of your hands. In any case, we will continue to disassemble the Xbox controller to be able to thoroughly clean the inside of it, or, as we mentioned earlier, to be able to change any parts or buttons in case they caused you problems. …

Now you will need to unscrew two more screws on each side with the same Torx screwdriver you used for the first screw. We indicate its location in the following images, although in reality there is no loss, because you will not see any more screws that need to be removed. Remember that you have to remove both screws on both sides, 4 in total (and 5 if we add the center one we removed at the beginning).

How to Disassemble, Repair, and Clean a Microsoft Xbox Controller 3How to Disassemble, Repair, and Clean a Microsoft Xbox Controller 4

You should now be able to remove the entire front cover of the controller with just your hands and effortlessly, just pull it up and it should slide out easily.

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Now, simply by pulling with your hands, you can remove the back cover. At this point, you can move on to a more advanced level of cleaning the inside of your Xbox controller, especially the outer lid. Likewise, this outer cover is interchangeable, and in specialized stores you can find covers decorated with the motives of your favorite game, or even transparent if you like. In short, this is where you should go if you are going to change your team’s aesthetic, or just cleanse the inside thoroughly.

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Now that you have removed the entire outer shell of the Xbox controller, you can now thoroughly clean the entire inner part (we obviously recommend paying special attention to the plastic shell itself that you removed), but you will also have direct access to all of its internal components. For example, if the vibration function of the remote control has been damaged, you can now buy several vibrators and replace the ones included with the remote control with new ones.

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For example, you can replace joysticks by simply pulling them up with your fingers without disassembling anything. You can also remove the top plastic cover by first prying the Xbox button area slightly and then pulling up and back with your hand. This will allow you to change both the Xbox button and the Start and Select buttons, as well as the Bluetooth pairing button on the front.

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Of course, if you need to change the D-Pad, you first need to remove that metal “ring” that you saw in the images. To do this, you must pry off the top with a flat screwdriver, because that is where there is a tab that locks it in place; after that you can change it.

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To reassemble the remote, you just need to follow the opposite process to the one you followed to disassemble it, but yes, we recommend that you be very careful when reinstalling the covers that are secured with tabs because they are quite prone to disassembling them. break if you force them too hard, so be sure to do it carefully and delicately, otherwise you will have to replace these parts.

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Also, remember that disassembling the remote will void the warranty, so we only recommend doing so if the device is already covered by the manufacturer’s two-year standard warranty.

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