How to find out the type of mobile phone screen

The visual experience of our mobile phone is highly dependent on the display technology. Having one type of panel and the other can mean the difference between better displaying multimedia content or more or less energy efficiency, resulting in more autonomy. Let’s take a look at the ways find out the display technology that our mobile phone has.

Know the type of screen your mobile phone has

Counting one type of panel and another will usually also reveal the price range of our device. Thus, the major flagships in the market wear OLED panels, more efficient and expensive to manufacture. However, before we can know what type of screen our mobile has, we will take a look at the types of screen technologies that we can find.

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Display technologies

OLED screens

As we say, they are present in the vast majority of high-end devices. Its light source comes from diodes, small devices that generate light, and that give a color to each of the pixels. This is an ideal technology for achieving pure blacks as it turns off pixels that don’t need to be used and also saves a lot of power.


This technology only illuminates each pixel when it is electronically activated. Its technology is an “active matrix organic light-emitting diode”. Its manufacture based on OLED technology but it doesn’t show the pure black tones of OLED panels.

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This technology allows for thinner and more flexible panels. It is a technology inherited from traditional OLED panels.

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LCD screens

This is the one we find on most mobile phones, as they are the cheapest to manufacture. In this case, we are talking about liquid crystals and we find two types of LCD screens: IPS and TFT, based on the same technology. Pixels alter the light source that reaches them to show different colors. They are less bright panels and sometimes offer overly subdued tones, they are also less effective.

Know the screen type

Black image trick

This old trick is designed to test how our screen behaves, to determine the type of technology. To do this, we need to get a completely black image and open it in the gallery of our mobile phone. Then we will increase the brightness to the maximum and check what happens. If it emits light, we can say we are facing an LCD panel but if, on the contrary, even at maximum brightness, the screen remains black, our technology will be the same as that of an OLED or AMOLED panel.

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On our website

On our website, we have complete technical sheets for every mobile phone that goes to market. In them you will find a large section dedicated to the screen, where you can check the technology of your mobile phone screen. You just need to enter your mobile phone model into Google, and then “our site”, and you will have access to a file with all the information.

With app

This is a fast and reliable method, as there are applications that detect our device and report complete information about all its equipment One of the most famous is “Phone Information”, where there is a section that talks about the technology of our screen.

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Products webpage

This is perhaps the most reliable option of all, since the manufacturer offers detailed information about each model on the official site. We can always find information about the screen technology that our mobile phone has.

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Mobile case

Display manufacturers all technical characteristics of the device in my box. In many cases, information related to the screen may come from the front, but in many other cases, we will have to look from the back or the side to know exactly the technology of the screen.

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