How to fix Dropbox copy conflicting error

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  • Unfortunately, conflicting copies can occur, and that’s when a guide like the following would come in handy.
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Dropbox users can share their documents, which also allows other users to edit them at the same time. This can lead to conflicting copy problems when two users edit the same shared file at the same time.

When that happens, multiple versions of the same edited file will appear in Dropbox. Those multiple file versions are conflicting copies.

How do I fix Dropbox copy conflict issues?

1. Move a Dropbox file to edit first

To prevent copies of conflicting files from appearing in Dropbox, temporarily move the files you are editing out of the database. By temporarily moving the file out of your Dropbox folder, you will ensure that no one with whom you share the document can make changes when you do so.

If you have the Dropbox application installed, you can drag the file out of the DB folder in File Explorer to another directory on your hard drive. When you’ve edited it, move the file back to Dropbox.

Dropbox folder dropbox conflicting copy

2. Share Dropbox files without edit rights

Alternatively, change the document access permissions for the users you share it with for viewing alone.

  1. To do that, open Dropbox in a browser.
  2. Hover over the file you need to edit.
  3. Then click on the Share button for it.
    You can edit the conflicting copy dropbox option
  4. Then click Can edit button; and select the alternative I can see option.
  5. Enter the email addresses of the users with whom you share the file.
  6. press the Share button.
    • Now users with whom you share the file cannot edit it when it is.
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3. Compare conflicting copies within Google Docs

To fix a Dropbox file with conflicting copies, try comparing the conflicting copies with the Docs ‘Compare Documents utility.

  1. To use Documents, you must first set up a Google account.
  2. When you have set up a Google account, open Documents in a browser.
  3. Then click Proceedings > Open in Docs.
  4. Select the Rise tongue.
  5. Click on the Select a file from your device button.
  6. Select a conflicting Dropbox file to compare.
  7. Select the To open with Google Docs option.
  8. If the file is not saved in native Documents format, click Proceedings > Save as Google Docs.
  9. Click Tools and Compare documents to open the utility shown directly below.
    Compare dropbox documents conflicting copy
  10. Click My unit to select a conflicting copy against which to compare the open document.
    • If the conflicting copy isn’t in your Google Drive storage, you’ll need to upload it there to select it.
  11. press the Open button.
  12. The document comparison will then highlight the differences between the documents with a crossed out red line as shown directly below.
    • On the right side of the document, you will see Replace Notes that tells you how to change the compared file to match the open original in Documents.
      Document comparison feature Dropbox Docs conflicting copy

Take a look at Resolve copy conflicts

  1. Conflicted Copy Resolver is a Dropbox web application for verifying and deleting conflicting copy files.
  2. Click on the Tidy up my Dropbox button.
  3. press the Allow button.
  4. If the CCR utility detects conflicting copies, it will provide three alternative options.
    • Select the Keep original option to delete the most recent conflicting copy.
  5. Or you can select Keep the newest to erase the original.
  6. Select the Details view to manually resolve the conflicting copies.
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Therefore, you can avoid conflicting Dropbox copies by moving files out of your cloud storage folder or changing permission to share them. If you already have conflicting copies, you can compare them in Google Docs or delete them with the Conflicting Copies Solver.

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Dropbox is a cloud storage service that can be used for free, but it also comes in two other pard models.

Dropbox can be used for free in the form of a basic account, but premium versions offer more benefits.

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