How to open the system properties of Control Panel Windows

System window Windows has been used in this operating system since Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51. In it we can immediately find a large number of basic information about our PC e.g. version Windowsinstalled, system type, processor, RAM, hardware name and workspace, and even if our Windows activated or not.

Open system properties in control panel Windows...

This is not a section from which we can do a lot, but in terms of basic information about the system, it is the most comprehensive we can find.

Windows 10 20H2 redirects many control panel applets

It was already known that little by little the control panel Windows will lose importance and weight in the operating system. However, there are some of these applets that shouldn’t go away yet, as the available alternatives in the settings menu are still pretty bad.

Some of the redirected applets are, for example, the disk manager, an option that allows us to adjust the refresh rate of the screen and, as we said, the classic system information screen, which now redirects us to a section. ” About your PC »In the Settings menu.

Acerca de PC

Moving the control panel to the new settings menu Windows 10 is mandatory and irreversible. But we can resort to a number of tricks (at least while they work) that will allow us to access this section again. Windows…

Create a shortcut for “System”

The first of the tricks we’ll see is to reopen this section. Windows 10 is to do it with a shortcut. This is possible because although Microsoft has redirected all items to point to the new section, the corresponding applet has not yet been removed from Control Panel.

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To do this, we must place ourselves in an empty part of our desktop (or in the desired folder) and right-click on this section. We will now choose New> Shortcut option.

Nuevo Acceso Directo W10 Sistema

When it asks us for the location of the specified shortcut, we have to enter the following into the address bar:

conductor sheath ::: {BB06C0E4-D293-4f75-8A90-CB05B6477EEE} [/ code]

Acceso directo para abrir propiedades de sistema en W10

Then we will give this shortcut the desired name and that’s it.

Nombre sistema Acceso Directo W10

We see a new shortcut on the desktop, which has the same icon as our file manager. Windows… If we double click on it, we can see a new system properties window open with all the basic information about our command.

View system information and PC information in Windows

We can save this shortcut anywhere. But if we do this in the directory that we have indexed in the search engine Windows 10, we can open it directly, as a program or another configuration, simply by looking for its name in “applications”. tab of this search engine.

Abrir propiedades del sistema desde buscador

And if we do not want to have direct access, we can do it in other ways.

Open system information from control panel

Although Microsoft has removed the system icon in Control Panel in recent versions Windows 10, it can still be used. To do this, simply enter “Control Panel” or “Control Panel” in the search engine to open this toolbar Windows…

As we can see, the icon titled “System” still appears However, if we click on it, we can see a new settings menu open. Windowsinstead of opening the classic PC main information window.

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Instead of clicking the System icon that appears here, we should write System in the bar at the top of this window. And press Enter. We can also do this by typing ” Control Panel / System and Security / System “In the address bar, although the truth is that it is much faster and enough to do it only with” System “.

Control Panel Windows 10 - Abrir Sistema

As we can see, the classic system window will open. Windows with all the basic information about our PC.

How long will these tricks last?

Of course, Microsoft is very serious about moving the control panel to the new configuration panel. Windows 10. But there is still a lot of work ahead. It is true that more and more sections are being carried over to the settings menu, some are the same or improved, but others still leave a lot to be desired, especially for more advanced users.

Therefore, to say that with the Control Panel Windows ready while it’s early. There is still a long time until it completely disappears from Windows 10, assuming it does, as Microsoft needs to make significant improvements to the current settings menu, especially for more advanced users, which is what it lacks the most.

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