How to protect your home with surveillance cameras and smart sensors

To protect our home it is a good idea to turn to the latest technology. The new surveillance systems already incorporate artificial intelligence, offering more effective and comfortable solutions. In addition, installing one of these systems is available to anyone, since they are not especially expensive and are very simple to place.

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This type of equipment that we can incorporate into our home to feel more secure only requires an investment at the beginning, and no monthly or annual subscription is necessary As with other security systems. Although taking security measures is always advisable, in Spain the months of July and August are when more robberies occur, according to data from the Ministry of Interior. So you have to place greater emphasis on the safety of our home especially in these months.

Surveillance cameras and smart sensors

A connected alarm system is usually the most common in a home, however having some intelligent surveillance devices gives us extra security. These surveillance cameras are connected through your router, so that you can remotely see what happens through the mobile, wherever you are. We offer you some recommendations.

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Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera 360 °

With this surveillance camera of the company China Xiaomi you will have a panoramic view of your entire house. It is equipped with dual motors to visualize in any direction. Its engine is silent and allows night vision through infrared.

The Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera 360 °, has different options where you can program the schedules to monitor. Another of its strengths is that it is capable of detecting movement changes, making a 10-second recording that sends you as an alert through the application to the mobile.

Victure 1080P WiFi IP Camera

These types of cameras are very Discreet to be placed anywhere in the house. Its installation is quite simple and fast. For a stable connection, it must be connected via 2.4G wifi. Thanks to its intelligent motion detection, as soon as it detects movement, it sends a notification to the smartphone.

In the dark, the camera Victure 1080P WiFi IP Camera Nor does it lose sharpness by incorporating 10 infrared LEDs of 850nm. It incorporates anti-noise speakers so you can communicate with great clarity with who you are at home, also having a full 360 degree full angle view.

Imou Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera

For people who are interested in having an intelligent surveillance camera away from home, there are also good alternatives. The Imou Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera, is specially designed to withstand external conditions without spoiling, since It is waterproof and has the IP65 certificate. It can be installed in any place regardless of weather conditions.

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Through its active deterrence system, the camera turns on at the moment it detects the slightest movement. With its white LED it records the scene and sends the notification directly to the mobile. With its 110 dB security speaker, you have the possibility to communicate or warn who is being recorded at that time. Its optics is Full HD 1080p for optimal image and video quality. In addition, it incorporates a night vision system so that it is clear to see the whole scene. The Imou camera meets the security requirements that are needed to be safe in any home.

Netatmo camera

For even more intelligent surveillance this camera goes further. Not only is it able to record when it detects a movement and notify the mobile, but also allows the identification of faces so that the alert does not come on before the programmed faces, which can also be those of your pets. In this way, it will not be turning on every moment every time your pet passes, it will only turn on and record by sending an alert to intruders. Its design is discreet and elegant so you hardly notice that it is.

You can have the content of the recordings on a microSD card that is included, or send it to Dropbox directly. Thanks to your application you can have your home controlled through any device. For added security, also acknowledge any alarm, whether fire or security, to alert you that something is happening and that you can hear it. It has a field of view of 130 degrees, with infrared night vision and an 8x digital zoom in the videos.

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Ring Stick Up Cam Wired

A camera designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, with 1080p HD video quality. It has the possibility of being controlled by any device so you can listen to what is happening or speak directly with who is at home. At the moment it detects movement, it alerts you by means of an alert, no matter if it is night since it has infrared night vision.

Ring surveillance camera

The Ring camera is also Alexa compatible, and allows you to watch live videos with a simple voice prompt. It includes a battery and can be connected both via WiFi and via Ethernet connection. The materials of the surveillance camera are of quality, it is discreet, light and elegant to be able to place it in any place of the house without it hardly disturbing. Through remote activation, we can connect the alarm through our device to alert intruders.

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