How to restore a TikTok account if it was suspended

TikTok account blocked

The music and viral video platform, as we said, has a long list of rules that must be followed in order to maintain a healthy and respectful social media environment. Nowadays, it is very easy to commit many types of wrongdoing on our phone screen, thanks to the “anonymity”, false protection and sense of power that we experience when posting through a profile on an online platform. To control this, each service sets up rules that they try to enforce to the extent possible, so that in any case “outside the norm” they act quickly and under the protection of written “laws”.

How to restore a TikTok account if it was suspended 2

The problem is that we don’t always read them – in fact, we almost never read them. This can lead to the fact that a mistake can be made sometimes without even knowing it, although, as a phrase ignorance of jurisdi is not excluding speaks well There is also a rarer case: your account has been suspended and you are completely sure that you have not done anything wrong. Sometimes it happens temporarily due to the action what is TikTok antispam system which automatically disables profiles that, for example, contain a social network logo, use the expression “free” or similar in their profile, or post a large number of likes and comments in a short period of time.

If you believe that the platform has blocked your account unfairly and in error, you should know that there is a way protect myself, requesting recovery of your account. And that’s exactly what we’re going to teach you to do today.

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How to request an account refund

If your account has been suspended on TikTok but you are convinced that you have not done anything to do so, there is a procedure by which a user can contact the service directly to submit their case and attempt to reinstate it. To do this, you need to write an e-mail to antispam (at) and comment on your case by writing down the following information:

  • Your TikTok Username
  • Explain what happened: when your account was blocked, why you believe it was a mistake, and any other relevant information about your profile that you believe is necessary to justify your protection
  • It is worth noting that you have never violated any rules (if any, of course) and that you have a “clean” record

Good that human team (no automatic systems) is responsible for handling these cases, validating requests and moving to immediate manual unlocking in case of confirmation that the information is correct and should not have been suspended, so if you are correct you should have no more problems recovering your account and continuing to use the social network.

Good luck.

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