How to return mobile to Amazon: conditions and step by step

You bought or received a new mobile phone via Amazon, but you are not convinced? Don’t worry, you still have time, you just need to change it in the online store. You just need access to your order number and wait for a return.

Return mobile to Amazon

To return mobile to Amazon you must be within the period set by the store and access the following link where all company returns are organized.

How long do I need to return my mobile phone to Amazon?

Except for the exceptions, Amazon and sellers through the website marketplace offer returns for most products within a period 30 days from the moment it is received by the consumer.

On occasions like Christmas, this period is extended by several months and, for example, the 2020 campaign accepts returns for products shipped between October 1 and December 31 until January 31, 2021.

How to return an item to Amazon, step by step

When you enter the specified page, you will find two options to choose from. Depending on whether you bought your new mobile phone yourself or I will give it to you, choose between Returning the items you ordered by clicking on the “View orders” button or by choosing Return of gifts by entering the order number that you will find on your purchase receipt.

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Then, regardless of the option, you will find a screen where you must select the product to return. Find your smartphone and select an option Return of goods

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Now you should give the reason why you want return mobile to Amazon … Open the dropdown and select the reason why you do not want to leave the phone and want to return it to the store. Please be aware that depending on the option you choose, you may be charged a certain amount, especially if the return period has already expired and the error was yours.

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Upon completion of this step, you will be taken to a screen where you will be prompted for a solution. Usually you are offered a refund to your account Amazon, something faster, or to the credit / debit card with which you paid for the item. choose the one you need.

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The last step is to manage the return. You have to choose how you want to return the product and depending on which you choose, you will need to print or not have a return label that you have to add to the package or pay for the shipping costs. Possible options:

  • Take it to Celeritas, free and unpacked
  • Take it to the post office where you want to print and apply the labels for 2.99 €.
  • Let him take in anger, for 5.50 euros
  • Let Seur pick it up for 5.50 euros.

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By going through this final step, you agree to remove any item or personal information that you have stored in the product and return it in perfect condition. Otherwise, you may receive another refund. In addition, you agree to the Return Policy Amazon…

Return conditions Amazon

  • Mobile phones must be returned in the same condition in which you received them. Therefore, a new smartphone must be returned new, unworn and complete (with a box, covers and accessories).
  • Used mobile phones should not show any additional damage or traces of use.
  • If the reason for returning the phone is not that it was delivered damaged, defective or incorrect, the amount of gift wrapping, shipping charges or any other services related to the order will not be refunded.
  • If the equipment is defective and the 30-day return period has passed, Amazon offers you a technical support service with a certified repair service for defective products. If the cell phone is beyond repair, a replacement will be sent to you, and if a replacement is not available, the price will be refunded.
  • You are solely responsible for any data breach that may occur if you do not delete personal information from your smartphone.
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