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Why sell through Facebook

Sell ​​on facebook

Online commerce has grown dramatically in recent years, but especially in this latest period, when the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many of our daily habits. Now that we can’t or don’t want to get trapped in confined spaces with hundreds or thousands of other people, online selling is a great buying and selling option for many users, stores, entrepreneurs, etc.

In the case of those who want to sell online today, there is no need to invest in their own online store with a server, payment gateways, etc., which are technically difficult to set up for any type of user. And this is because social networks have been able to understand that they can act as virtual storefronts, which benefits both the user and themselves.

For a long time, forums and other internet pages have been used as a way to contact users interested in selling or buying a particular product. V Facebookfor example, there are many group pages that run these activities, although everything is done in a very common way.

These public groups are basically like a bulletin board where every user interested in selling something posts their message with their respective photo and through the comments you interact with stakeholders, whether or not they closed the deal, proceeded to selling it and sent proceeds or personal collection.

This is as true as any other method, but it is not the best way to do it. Especially if you do not intend to sell something only on a specific basis, but want to find a way to generate regular income based on your work and the products or services that you offer.

Therefore, it is best to use different tools that Facebook offers to sell online. Because they are not only very easy to set up, but you can also take advantage of all the benefits of social networks in general and this one in particular:

  • Social media such as Facebookprovide very high potential user reach.
  • Many users are already familiar with its use.
  • You don’t need to invest in an online server or other tools, they give you everything
  • You can take advantage of its advertising tools to do more.
  • WITH Facebook you can take advantage of integration with other platforms such as Instagram or WhatsApp.
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So, perhaps if you are starting out selling online and want to expand your market without investing too much, you might be interested in knowing what options you have to sell on Facebook…

How to sell products or services through Facebook

Facebook is one of the social networks that quickly realized that using this type of platform as an online sales platform opens up important business opportunities. And not only because of the percentage that can be taken from the generated sales, but also because of the increase in activity and the number of users that this entails.

Currently Facebook offers three different options for selling online: shops, catalogs and marketplace. Each of them has its own advantages and will be targeted depending on what type of user and activity you want to perform. So let’s get to know them one by one, how they are created and configured.

Stores on Facebook

How to sell on Facebook: use social media to make money 7

Facebook or Stores on Facebook Online stores, as their name suggests, are places where sellers can create a kind of virtual showcase in case they already have their own online store or are used as a place where they start and end their purchase.

The choice between this or that option will depend on you. If you have your own website, it’s best to use it just to make a name for yourself, attract more public, and then they will all go to your page to complete the purchase. This will be a demo type of usage mode.

However, if you don’t want to mess with your own options, the truth is that creating your own store and allowing it to run through Facebookwhere you start and end your purchase is very interesting. TO create your own store on Facebook the process looks like this:

How to sell on Facebook: use social media to make money 8

  1. The first step is to go to Commercial Manager
  2. From there you can sell to Facebook, Instagram or on both platforms at the same time.
  3. Please select Create store and click “Start”
  4. There are physical stores available, so read the details on the next page and start customizing everything.
  5. Choose where to complete your purchase. To do it in Facebook or Instagram, you will need a company based in the United States and a bank account in that country. If not, you will have to redirect it to your website, or complete the purchase by messaging
  6. Create a page Facebookif you don’t already have it, or choose one of those that you already have
  7. Add products
  8. Confirm everything and sell
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As you can see, this is not a complicated process at all, so you only need the time it takes to complete these initial setup and preparation steps for all the products you want to sell online, with their images, descriptions, etc.

Product catalogs on Facebook

How to sell on Facebook: use social media to make money 9

The second option is product catalogs. This option Facebook is a kind of online storefront that serves as a showcase for your products or services. Yes, in that case, you can sell services such as consulting, digital product creation, or whatever, without the restriction of stores that “force” you to be physical products.

To create a directory in Facebook the process is almost identical to the previous one.

  1. Enter Commercial Manager
  2. Select the type of directory you want to create (e-commerce, travel, real estate or cars)
  3. Choose a download method: upload product information or connect to an e-commerce platform.
  4. After creating a catalog, you can easily add or remove items.

How to sell on Facebook: use social media to make money 10

The only point to consider when using product catalogs Facebook, is that there is no way to complete the transaction if you do not meet the physical product requirements and do not have a store already created on the platform. However, it is a very interesting option to sell online, or at least increase sales by making your products and / or services more visible.

facebook Marketplace

How to sell on Facebook: use social media to make money 11

Facebook Marketplace is a kind of eBay or Amazonintegrated into the platform. That is, in it, users interested in selling a certain type of product advertise so that other interested users can easily find them.

So, for example, if you are interested in buying something in particular, you can search the marketplace, read the opinions of users who have already done so, see how you deal with other users’ comments on other platforms, and once you decide to search it. the seller that convinces you the most if there are several that offer what you are looking for.

Once you receive it, you just need to contact you to complete the transaction. And if you are someone who wants to use this tool for selling, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Marketplaces Section Facebook
  2. Hit + Sell something
  3. In Item for sale select the photos with which you want to illustrate the publication and fill in all the necessary information
  4. Click “Publish” and voila, wait for potential buyers

At the market Facebook There are differences between a company and a regular salesperson. It’s good to know what interests you or what suits you best.

Advantages of stores, catalogs and marketplaces in Facebook

Now that you know three options that Facebook invites its users to sell through their platform or increase such sales in their online stores, let’s talk about the benefits of each of the options.

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Shop advantages Facebook

Stores in Facebook – ideal for many, although at the moment it is not something that everyone can use equally. Without a doubt, its main advantages are as follows:

  • Unique experience of working with a brand thanks to the ability to customize all aspects that it offers
  • Your own space where you show only what you want
  • Increase traffic to your own website for online sales

Benefits of catalogs Facebook

In turn, catalogs are the best way to visually show what you have to offer.

  • They allow you to display your products in an orderly way.
  • Controlling items
  • Better visual impact

Advantages Facebook Marketplace

The last option in the Marketplace is also very interesting:

  • If you are constantly in publications and they make sense, the latter is important, the visibility of your project will increase, and you will see how the flow of clients will grow.
  • You can use the geographic information of each user to show your products to those closest to you.
  • More options can be found in the search
  • Improving the relationship between the seller and the buyer

Increase sales by Facebook

How to sell on Facebook: use social media to make money 12

At the moment, further improvement of sales on Facebook perhaps with simple things like those that you could do in brick and mortar stores as well as in other types of online stores. For example, update your products and take quality photos to keep them looking good. Also answer users who have questions or want more information.

This engagement, and not being forgotten, is vital for the store to function and generate more and more traffic. In the end, myself Facebook will make you more visible if it sees that you are capable of causing more user movement.

The Marketplace itself provides advice that you can apply to everything in general and even how to take advantage of these selling options on other platforms owned by the Zuckerberg Brand. Especially through Instagram can be interesting, and it is not something that takes a lot of time or too much extra effort.

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