How to Temporarily Turn Off Panda Antivirus on a Laptop / PC

How to turn off Panda Antivirus temporarily on laptops and computers windows easily.

The presence of Antivirus on every computer is a must. Because without an antivirus, we can threaten the health of our computer system.

We certainly will not realize if a virus has entered the system if we do not use Antivirus. Of course it will make us feel lost because our computers can be damaged and even our data will be lost.

Therefore, we must maintain the health of computer systems and the data on our computers by using Antivirus. One of the Antivirus that we can rely on is Panda Antivirus. This antivirus has various advantages such as Device control, virus detection, device protection and so on.

How to Temporarily Turn Off Panda Antivirus

Panda Antivirus can detect viruses based on the behavior of a file that looks suspicious. Not only that, Panda Antivirus also has a URL filter function, where Panda can filter URLs based on content categories.

From the many benefits that we get in activating Panda Antivirus, there must be times when we want to temporarily turn off or disable this Antivirus for certain purposes. An example is when you install an application that requires you to turn off the Antivirus first.

In this article, I will explain how to temporarily turn off Panda Antivirus in two ways. The first way is to use the Taskbar and the second way is to use the Panda Antivirus application.

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1. Via Taksbar

The taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen where the taskbar has a function to be able to display applications or programs that are currently running. The taskbar also displays various shortcuts such as the start menu, clock, notifications, list of hidden icons and so on. Here’s how to turn off Panda Antivirus temporarily via the Taskbar.

1. The first step to bring up the Panda Antivirus icon is to look at the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and then click the ‘ ^ ‘ icon as shown below. Then right-click on the Panda Antivirus icon.

panda antivirus

2. Then a variety of menus will appear. To turn off Panda Antivirus, click menu Stop antivirus.

How to Temporarily Turn Off Panda Antivirus

3. To know that panda antivirus has been successfully disabled, you can open Panda Antivirus app and see the status. If the Panda Antivirus status says Your PC is not Protected, then that’s a sign that Panda Antivirus has been successfully deactivated.

How to Temporarily Turn Off Panda Antivirus on a Laptop

2. Via Panda Antivirus App

One way that we can use to turn off or disable an application is by opening the application. We can also do this on the Panda Antivirus application. We can disable Panda Antivirus using the app. Here’s how to turn off the Panda Antivirus application temporarily through the Panda Antivirus application.

1. Double-click on the Panda Antivirus application on your desktop.

panda antivirus

2. When the Panda Antivirus application has appeared, then click the 3 bar icon as shown below.

panda antivirus

3. Then various menus will appear on the left side of the application. Click menu Settings.

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How to Temporarily Turn Off Panda Antivirus on PC

4. Then click the Antivirus menu. And look on the right side, slide the Enable permanent protection toggle to Off.

panda antivirus

5. Well, go back to the home page and take a look at the status of the Panda Antivirus app. If the status is Your PC is not protected, then the application has been disabled.

panda antivirus

If you want to reactivate the Panda Antivirus application, you can slide the toggle to ON. That’s the article that explains how to turn off panda antivirus temporarily in two ways.

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