How to troubleshoot turning on the permanent display

One of the technologies that has changed the way we understand and use smartphones the most in recent years is the Always On Display. This tool allows us to immediately check the time or notifications, but nevertheless we are faced with problems with activating the Always On Display in some models, and we want to help you avoid this.

Enabling Always On Display

When we buy a new mobile phone, it is normal that we have a hard time finding the steps to follow, although they are usually the same. Then each brand offers us some options so that we can choose the style of the screen. Some examples of Xiaomi Always On Display Modes that are constantly improving.

Your mobile phone does not allow this because it does not have an AMOLED screen

The most common reason why we cannot activate the Always On Display is that our smartphone does not support it. This is due to the fact that manufacturers only allow it to be used on screens with AMOLED or OLED technology. In LCD screens, it is impossible to turn off other unused pixels, and you cannot take advantage of this without draining the battery.

Xiaomi mi 10 pantalla

To be 100% sure that this is the reason that our mobile phone does not have a screen capable of this, we only need to access the technical specification of our smartphone from our website. In the screen section we will find the type of technology used and if it is IPS LCD we will have to forget about this possibility.

Low battery level limits use of AOD screen

If at some point we were able to use Always On Display, but now we cannot, this may be due to the battery. Some manufacturers and their customization levels restrict the use of Always On Display when we go below 20%. When charging, it will always work and therefore, To test, and when it will always work, this is when we will count it by cable or using wireless charging.

PiP (picture in picture) technology in monitors: what it is and how to use it

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Always On Display only works occasionally

Another reason that can make us think about problems using Always On Display mode on our smartphone is that we can customize it for our use and pleasure. This can be done from the same AOD screen configuration by choosing three different usage modes:

always on display

  • Schedule hours to activate Always On Display.
  • Tap the screen or move your phone.
  • Active all day.

Depending on our needs to control time, notifications, and other creative options, we can customize the Always On Display mode. We will have to keep this in mind, because if we configured it to only be used during the day, we might think that for some reason we cannot use the Always On Display when in fact we only have the wrong configuration for ourselves. …

Errors when activating Always On Display

salvapantallas android

When trying to activate this screen, we may encounter a mode called Screensaver that although it can be configured with a watch or even a photo if it is not Always On Display mode. This confusion could be an alternative for those who want to use Always On Display mode on mobile phones with IPS screens, using it, for example, when we charge it.

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