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Not all threats to our privacy come from hackers thousands of miles away. Often, we just want to keep our data safe from the people around us, who might look at our phone or ask us to reveal our secrets. That’s where the BlackBerry Locker comes in.

Starting with the BlackBerry KEYone, every TCL-manufactured BlackBerry smartphone (including the new KEY2) comes with the BlackBerry Locker, a password-protected folder. Built into the hardware, the BlackBerry Locker is a well-protected folder that can not only lock files, but also hides the entire application. With this level of protection, you can protect your most confidential data.

Step 1: Protect your mailbox password

When you open the Locker for the first time, you will be asked to create a password. This password is used in the encryption of your mailbox and must be stored securely (preferably in a password manager).

After entering your password, the BlackBerry Locker will ask you if you want to enable fingerprint authentication, which you can accept by placing your registered finger on the scanner. Once completed, your Locker is secured and will be populated with three icons: Photo Gallery, Personal Files, and Firefox Focus (for personal browsing).

Step 2: Protect and hide files and applications

Any application that is installed on your device can be moved to the BlackBerry Locker. After opening Locker, select the floating action button located in the lower right corner and select “Add application”. Select the app you want to move to Locker, then Touchez the check mark in the upper right corner when you’re done. Now, to use the app you moved, you must first unlock the Locker.

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Locker can also hide this application so that it is not in other areas of your mobile device, such as the drawer of your application. By selecting the settings icon in the upper right corner of the main page and selecting “Hide private applications”, your application will only be accessible through keyboard shortcuts and Locker. Therefore, unless someone knows the shortcut, unauthorized users won’t even know about the app. And if they know the shortcut, it’s still password protected.

Files of any type can also be transferred to Locker in a similar way. Using the same floating action button on the main page, select “Add File.” A new screen will appear showing the common file types, including “Installer” (APK) and “File” (ZIP). If the file you are looking for is one of these file types, you can choose the appropriate option to reveal a list of all file types. However, you can also choose “Other” to access all non-root folders to search for any file.

How to use BlackBerry Locker to keep your files and applications private

When you move files to Locker, they are automatically hidden from other areas of your cell phone, so you don’t need to follow the additional steps to hide them as you do with the app.

Step 3: Hide locker (optional)

Suppose you hide private files and applications in Locker and lend your cell phone to your important people, sure that it is safe and sound. If they already suspect and see the Locker app, they can request access to it, revealing all the information it’s trying to hide. Fortunately, this can be avoided by hiding the Locker.

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Using the settings icon in the upper right corner of the main page, select “Advanced Settings”. Select the check box next to “Hide Locker in Launcher” to hide the Locker application. With this feature enabled, Locker will no longer appear in the BlackBerry launcher or in your app drawer. You must search for an application in the application drawer or use a special shortcut to start the application.

How to use BlackBerry Locker to keep your files and applications private

Notice how I say BlackBerry Launcher. This feature doesn’t always work with third-party home screen apps, like Nova Launcher. For them, you should also use the built-in capabilities of the launcher to hide apps.

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Step 4: Start Locker from the lock screen (optional)

If you want faster access to your Locker, select the settings icon in the upper right corner of the main page and select “Advanced settings”. Touchez the check box next to “Open Locker from Lock Screen.”

Once selected, you will be asked to touch the fingerprint sensor with your finger. This finger is important, because it will be the only finger you can use to start Locker from the lock screen. I recommend not using the thumb you normally use to unlock your phone unless you always want to enter Locker. I also suggest that you do not use another thumb if you change hands frequently to hold the phone.

Instead, use another finger (such as your index finger) so that you can easily detach authentication and accidentally open Locker by mistake. You must register a new finger if you are not currently registered on your BlackBerry phone, but you can do so at the same prompt.

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How to use BlackBerry Locker to keep your files and applications private

Step 5: Automatically save images in the locker (optional)

One of the great features of Locker is the ability to send images directly to Locker. Specifically, the photo you just took. With the BlackBerry camera app open, Touchez the space bar. The phone will capture images but save them directly to Locker. When done correctly, you will see a padlock icon on top of a blurred image indicating that it is a protected image.

How to use BlackBerry Locker to keep your files and applications private

BlackBerry Locker offers high-level protection for your local files and applications. By recognizing the needs of its users to protect their information from those around them, BlackBerry offers the ability not only to protect their data passwords, but also to hide them from ordinary view. What do you think about BlackBerry Locker? Let us know in the comments below.

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