How to use the whiteboard on Microsoft Teams?

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Now that you know how to manage screen sharing during a meeting on Microsoft Teamslet’s take a look at the bench board.

Don’t they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? The whiteboard tool is a great way to collaborate while working on a shared digital canvas. For example, you can draw diagrams that will simplify your thinking.

To set this up, you just need to work in a team, this feature is not available in conversations. This is where it goes to find out more.

Go to a meeting in the top tab. Click on the symbol with the arrow (1) then on “Microsoft Collaborative Whiteboard”.

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

The features offered in the new window are relatively developed. You can work on it in real time. You can create notes or shapes, move the drawing (1). You can also view meeting participants (2). This tool also lets you see suggested users and allows you to invite members from other channels.

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

You can also create breakout rooms (3) or chat with participants while sharing the whiteboard (4).
Note that the features offered come straight from Microsoft Whiteboard, a digital whiteboard tool.

After drawing your strategy or something else on this space, you can save the image in PNG format, after clicking on the wheel present at the top right of the whiteboard.

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

Note that it is not yet possible to record a whiteboard during video recording and that this feature is not yet available for smartphones.

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