How to view and reuse CMD command history

Thus, it is also achieved that Windows available to everyone, including new users of the software. That being said, Redmond includes increasingly automated and accessible features that adapt to the needs of the majority. This is what many of you were able to see first-hand, even when deciding possible Problems what could happen here.

Many of the configuration options that we can use at the moment are well distributed in the System Configuration application. We access it through Win + I the keyboard shortcut in which we find the options available in that particular section.

Aplicación Configuración

Additional features Windows 10

But, of course, as you understand, not everyone is looking for simplicity when working with their computer in Windows… There are many more advanced users out there who prefer to have more control over their equipment at all times. For them, Microsoft also offers several more advanced features to give them more control over operating system as such.

An example is a command prompt window, also known as CMD … For those of you who do not know this, we will tell you that this is a function that Windows integrates itself, and that it has been with us for several years and versions of the operating system. This allows you to control some of the functions integrated into the operating system in a deeper and more advanced way, but yes, based on commands.

For all this, just open a command prompt window and get started. We do this by typing CMD Team in the search box that we see next to the Start menu. Also, in most cases it is best to run this item with administrator privileges.

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abrir cmd

Command line or CMD utility

Keep in mind that in the past, most users have tried to avoid using CMD due to its complexity. But little by little they learn more about Windows, so many already dare to face command line … It is an element that allows us to perform certain tasks that we cannot do from the graphical interface of the operating system. While this may seem a little daunting at first, it really isn’t. In fact, the use of CMD is becoming increasingly necessary for maximum compression Windowsbesides, we do not need to know all the commands, but to know only those that really interest us.

Therefore, if you are one of those who regularly use the command line or want to know about it, this will be very helpful. In particular, in these lines we will teach you some tricks to better control the commands used. In particular, we mean the ability to easily view the latest commands used in that particular section. As we mentioned earlier, CMD is a command based tool. Sometimes there are many that we are going to use and repeat in the same session in a command prompt window. This is why the ability to see and use story commands used in a single session can be extremely helpful.

Ventana CMD

How to view the last used commands in the CMD window

As soon as we open one of these windows, as we showed you earlier, it is interesting to know that everything we do in this session is saved. At the same time, we want to tell you that since the opening command prompt window until we close it, the history of the commands we used is saved. Therefore, we have a number of tricks to get access to all of this. For example, to view the last command executed, we just need to press the up arrow key. This is something that we can repeat as many times as we want to go back and restore the ones used in the session.

In the same way, if we press the down arrow key, we will go in the opposite direction and find the next one. This is a very convenient way to scroll through history, but there are other ways as well. If there are many commands that we have used and we need to access the first one executed in current session , we can use the DownPag key. Likewise, to see the most recent command, we can also use the RegPag key.

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On the other hand, it is interesting to know that if we want to see the entire history of commands executed in the session, we just need to press the F7 key. Then a small window will appear on the screen in which you can see all the commands executed in that CMD session, in the order in which we used them at the time.

Listado comandos

Other shortcuts for getting commands in CMD

In it, we also have the ability to navigate using the arrow keys from one to the other until we find the command we are looking for and use it again. In turn, if we know what position a particular command is in to re-execute, we can use keyboard shortcut F9. It will ask us to enter the space it occupies and restore it in order to start it up again.

But if we want to restore a command that started with a certain set letter from them, we write that character and press F8. This will show us all the commands executed in this session that start with this letter or a word. Alternatively, to see these execution orders in alphabetical order, simply run doskey / history.

Comandos Ordenados

In conclusion, let us tell you that in order to erase history what we used here, we have to press the key combination Alt + F7.

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