Huawei P40: camera can remove people and background reflections

Huawei presented this Thursday (26) the new smartphones top of the line from the manufacturer: the P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro+. And, among all the features of the three models in photography, one of them drew a lot of attention for its bold promise.

It is Golden Snap, an algorithm controlled by artificial intelligence (AI), which is able to recognize different postures and expressions of people who are moving a lot. Basically, it captures several simultaneous portraits and, in the end, shows you all the possibilities. It is up to the user to save their favorite, with the system itself recommending the best ones. This prevents moments of blinking or grimacing, for example.

But Golden Snap also brings an even more interesting feature called Remove Passerby. Also with AI, it identifies unwanted elements on the screen and removes for you, such as people and objects.

This is done by combining several frames into one, as if the device “guess” what the scene looks like before the person appears in the background and “spoils” that perfect moment in your photo.

Remove Reflection does something equally useful, but also using the algorithm: it removes layers of glass and reflections, like when you take a picture of something that is behind glass or that includes a mirror.

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