Huawei permission has expired; bad news for older devices

Huawei The temporary general license (TGL) granted to the company to legally do business in the USA has recently expired. A nuisance for old phones can come out.

United States Department of Commerce, gave a 90-day leave for the embargo imposed on Huawei last year, then seriously extended this leave. Thanks to the embargo postponement decision given due to the situation of companies that are in need of the company in terms of hardware, many US companies Huawei and the company could perform licensed updates with Google for Android phones released before the embargo. However, the deadline for this TGL has just expired. That’s why interesting claims emerged. The question on everyone’s mind is: “What will happen now?”

First of all, it should be made clear from the very beginning. No one knows exactly what will happen with 100 percent certainty for now. However resources With the end of TGL, before the embargo Android one for phones trouble may arise thinks. It is reported that Google may stop giving official security patches to these devices and may stop updating Google services and applications with the GMS / Android license cancellation. In addition, the phones with the Android language before the embargo will be released in the future. SafetyNet system and therefore some bank applications, games or mobile payment systems will become inoperable also among the allegations. We say it again, for now, this issue is based on “claims”. However, solid people who are in control of the process report that mixed days are on the way for old devices.

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Huawei You know, it doesn’t get stuck in the past or Google. Company GMS in its place HMS developing its infrastructure and AppGallery It establishes its own application market. The company almost creates its own world on open source Android. The company’s new phones are now in Turkey AppGallery has received tremendous support. Many native applications, almost all bank apps active in the official market.

There is no official statement from Huawei on the subject yet. However, according to the information we have Huaweito provide system updates and security patches to its users. to be continued. Thanks to the strength of the company’s open source community and advanced R&D capabilities, Huawei’s customers will be able to continue to receive software updates and connected services. As it has been announced, Google applications and other applications downloaded from the Google Play Store will continue to receive updates on phones sold with Google Mobile Services.

New apps and updates are pre-installed on phones that don’t come with Google Mobile Services AppGallery through the platform. Huawei phones that come with Google Mobile Services pre-installed will still be able to use the Google Play Store to download and update apps. On phones running Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), Google services are available through their official websites. All Huawei-made computers currently available will continue to use the Windows operating system and access related services, while Windows will continue to receive security patches and updates. Also, in addition to all No Huawei wearables will be affected by these restrictions.

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The USA upset the Huawei side about the latest processor

to remember Trump management of Huawei a regulatory change that would restrict access to smartphone processors made. With this decision, the United States Huaweione of the main processor manufacturers of TSMC It cuts off its commercial relations with companies such as at the center of the decision US-made equipment used in processor manufacturing companies using license agreements Huawei There is an obstacle to provide the company with a processor. That’s why the company is ending production of the Kirin processor. Not Kirin on many Huawei’s phones in 2021 MediaTek It is said that there will be a signed processor.

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