Huawei reveals its own gesture control system ‘contact-free’

The expected Huawei Developer Conference of this 2019, the developer conference for Huawei, closed last week leaving great news in its minutes regarding future releases of the company.

A few days ago we had the pleasure of announcing the arrival of Harmony OS, the Huawei’s new operating system How much speculation has sustained in recent weeks. The EMUI 10 customization layer, celebrating its tenth version, was also seen in the technological event. An intense day, full of multiple developments that did not pass, much less, unnoticed by the press.

Among them, as Huawei Club exposes, we find a new initiative by the firm to improve the user experience on their mobile devices.

Something as primitive in the smartphone world as the gestures in the air, popularized as ‘Air Gestures’ in the legendary Samsung Galaxy S4 they could come back with a fully washed face to deal with speculation about the Pixel 4 from Google, which promises to show off this novelty.

‘Contact-free’ gestures and new heart rate analysis with Huawei

Thus, Huawei intends to encourage the use of such gestures in the performing daily tasks, such as navigation between all types of menus, closing windows, screenshots or control of multimedia playback that we are enjoying, among others.

It draws attention, especially, the new ability to measure the pulse through a process of stopping the heart rhythm at a distance, which would be effective by simply placing our hand a few centimeters from the terminal.

A new sensor will be responsible for detect movements very precisely, at minimum distances, in order that the gestural recognition is not a failed obstacle to users who want to rely on the new navigation system.

Soon you can install Android 10 on your Samsung mobile

In this case, it has been made public that Huawei will not use the so-called ‘Soli’ technology, which, on the other hand, will use the Pixel 4.

Huawei is much quieter about the introduction of this new technology than its rival, which has already announced that, indeed, it will be more devices apart from the Google Pixel 4 that will be able to enjoy the gesture sensor.

We can only wait for more answers from the Chinese company that, despite the uncertainty, does not beat around the competition.

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