Huawei thinks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will soon come to the AppGallery

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Still under US sanctions, Huawei does not have permission to use Google or related services. Also, to seduce the European public, Huawei lacks a few strings to its bow.

Strings which are called in particular Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and which are currently still absent from the AppGallery – its own application store. But according to statements by Richard Yu, President of the Huawei Business Group, the arrival of these applications on the AppGallery is imminent.

Facebook and Instagram on the launch pad at Huawei

The day after the launch of the Mate Xs, Richard Yu made a few confessions during a press conference. A moment in the presence of journalists, who were able to question him on the absence of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the shelves of the AppGallery. Essential applications to seduce the European public.

According to the Huawei pundit, the aforementioned applications would arrive on the AppGallery “very soon“. Should we see a promise from the manufacturer, or a simplistic way to evade a sensitive subject?

Finally, the presence of these applications on the Huawei application store depends a lot on the goodwill of their publishers to publish a dedicated version on AppGallery. For now, only Snapchat seems to have played the game and claims a presence on the AppGallery. Note that the social networks discussed here are still usable from a browser. At least, to some extent.

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