Huawei will introduce new products on May 19; here are the expectations

Huaweicontinues to develop and sell new products under the US embargo. New announcements from the company on May 19 is coming.

Huaweiwill hold a launch based in China on May 19 and will showcase multiple products at the “smart living” focused event.

According to sources, the company’s almost certainly children’s smartwatch at the event Children Watch 4X and smart scale Body Fat Scale 3 Pro will come out.

Huawei also has a new 16-inch display MateBook 16 It is also among the information that it will introduce the laptop model. The company is also expected to introduce two new monitors at the event.

As reported, these MateView and MateView GT will have their names. MateView, which will support wireless charging on its leg, has a 32-inch 4K + display, according to sources. MateView GT has a 42-inch display with 3440×1440 pixels.

Meanwhile, on May 19, Huawei announced more than one new smart tv The possibility of introducing it is also on the table. New in the event MatePad Tab Tablet models are also available.

for the event Huawei FreeBuds 4 There are also new smartwatch expectations. However, they are not very precise.

Expectations are quite high for the Huawei event

The company is not expected to introduce a smartphone at this May 19 event. However, the curious P50 family is not far away. It is thought that the models will be introduced before the end of the summer.

It is heard that Huawei will drop Android in the P50 family. Instead, the firm could use Harmony OS with AppGallery at its core.

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