Huge disappointment ! Games from the first PlayStation VR won’t work on the PS VR2

PlayStation VR2 © The Verge

If you own the first PlayStation VR, don’t immediately sell it to buy Sony’s next headset. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer has just communicated very bad news.

As we know, Sony took some time before opting for the return of backward compatibility. Because unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 did not allow you to play the titles launched on the previous generation. An anomaly finally corrected with the PlayStation 5. Alas, the manufacturer will fall back into its ways with the PS VR2.

A bit of bad faith?

During a podcast posted on the PlayStation-Blog, the manufacturer has effectively announced the absence of backward compatibility on its future VR headset. The latter will therefore not be able to run the games released on the first PlayStation VR. Here is the explanation provided to try to justify this decision.

“PlayStation VR games are not compatible with PS VR2 because PlayStation VR 2 was designed to deliver a true ‘next generation’ VR experience. The PS VR2 has advanced features such as brand new controllers with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers but also eye tracking, 3D audio and 4K HDR definition.

This means that developing games for the PS VR2 requires a totally different approach compared to the original PlayStation VR. »

Information that will probably not please owners of the old model who would like to restart certain games from time to time. After the price increase of the PS5, Sony is likely to once again attract the wrath of the players.

Source : PlayStation-Blog

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