Hydrogen touch is coming for the world’s most efficient passenger plane

Efficiency is very important for airplanes and the best from the options one is the passenger plane Celera 500L developed by Otto Aviation.

Otto Aviation signed prototype passenger plane Celera 500LAs you can see, it certainly doesn’t look like normal passenger planes. The aircraft, which is reported to be large enough to carry 19 people, resembles a small airship at first glance. Stating that they have reduced friction by 59 percent thanks to this design, the company provides higher efficiency compared to traditional designs, and with the effect of this, it can fly longer distances with the same amount of fuel. The aircraft, which has been in development for a long time, is now back in the spotlight as a partnership has been established between Otto Aviation and ZeroAvia. Within the scope of this partnership, it is aimed to put the Celera 500L on a hydrogen basis.

With version to be equipped with hydrogen fuel cells with passenger aircraft that will become quite green on an electric basis.It is aimed to achieve a range of 1,852 km in the “first stage” without creating any emissions. Of course, there are also higher range plans for later. Otto Aviation and ZeroAvia, who stated that they will work hard for this version, do not make short-term plans as it would not be a surprise. There are many years ahead for the new infrastructure to become reality.

Otto Aviation Celera 500LWith its current internal combustion engine version, it provides access to 550 horsepower and reveals the potential to reach a speed of 740 km / h. The aircraft, which is reported to be able to travel 8,334 km with 6 passengers, can only glide by turning off its rear engine with its fuselage specially prepared for high efficiency.like a glider) can travel exactly 200 km. When all these come together, it is stated that the Celera 500L can fly 5 to 7 times cheaper than jet planes.

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