I want a smart TV for this Christmas, what should I buy?

Let’s start with the most appropriate guidelines for any budget.

Smart TV this Christmas

43 inch Xiaomi Smart TV P1, best value for money

If you want to Smart TV it has everything but the need to apply for a loan to pay it off, the 43-inch Xiaomi is the most balanced option

Xiaomi always adjusts the price to the maximum and, we do not know how, it manages to deliver all the quality that makes its variants compete with those that cost 200 and 300 euros more. This is his specialty and you can have this 43 inch Smart TV for less than 400 euros

3840 x 2160 resolution, UHD LED, modern bezel-less design, Alexa and Google Home compatibility, Chromecast built-in and Android 10 inside.

No, you don’t have perfect blacks, you don’t have a higher refresh rate or anything like that, but it’s almost impossible to get more for less money.

The 43-inch Samsung Crystal 2020 is another great alternative with a good value for money

We understand that the Xiaomi problem may not convince you, nothing happens. We have another great selection starting at € 400, 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and 43 inches.

The dome height is XNUMX meters, which is Samsung Crystal, 2020 model. HDR, 4K processor compatible with your Google or Alexa assistants … You won’t miss anything

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In the majority, if you can spend a little more in this range , even if you jump from 400 euros, then you look at the AU8005 model of the same size. Compensation for small efforts.

LG OLED 48A1, the best smart TV for gaming

LG brings us 48-inch OLED Smart TV with 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, which, by just reading this, have already activated gamers radar.

Yes, OLED TV is another level when you appreciate the perfect black and smoother higher refresh rate

This means that when it comes to gaming, everything goes smoothly. Its 48-inch size and bezel-less design let you immerse yourself in the action.

Therefore it is the best Smart TV play below 1000 euros. Great experience.

Philips 75 PUS8506, the best cinema with Ambilight

If you want the ultimate movie experience and are willing to pay for it so you don’t have to put up with a guy who doesn’t turn off his phone during a movie, Philips PUS8506 is our choice.

This model is 2021 75 inches in size, giant this will be your personal movie screen. Moreover, Dolby ATMOS compatible , HDR, borderless design …

And of course Philips Ambilight system. There are smart LEDs around the TV, which are coordinated with what is happening on the screen and are projected onto the wall behind the device.

Result? An unrivaled movie experience , TV shows, games, music videos and whatever you say to it. If you have about 1,500 euro budget , do not be shy.

As you can see, if you think about Smart TV , there are options of all kinds. From the cheapest (already very good) to a real screen that takes up almost the entire wall.

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