ID @ Xbox launches its own YouTube channel to promote the independent industry

Among the great initiatives of Microsoft for the video game industry is the platform [email protected]. Microsoft’s intention is to show its platforms more accessible, both Xbox One as Windows 10. Posed [email protected] at the beginning of the generation as a means to facilitate the work of the independent industry, and has given very good results. Then, he tried to offer them access to the subscription model with his proposal [email protected] Game Pass and offer accessibility to the community. Now, [email protected] opens its own YouTube channel, thus giving greater visibility to independent games that will reach Xbox One.

An extraordinary movement that begins with the presentation of the channel on Xbox Wire, which presents it as it is, as a great initiative. The statement explaining that the channel of Youtube [email protected] is the channel used to present and give visibility to independent games that will arrive on Xbox One and Windows.

And this is how Microsoft proposes this solution and [email protected] launches its own YouTube channel with the aim of promoting the independent industry. An industry that thanks to [email protected] has published almost 1500 games, since that first Strike Suit Zero in 2014. This industry forms a passionate community that has contributed great proposals and that thanks to [email protected] Game Pass will bring new games directly to the subscription platform. Throughout these years there have been very good games that many will remember, where it is difficult to cite a few and highlight them against the rest, but we cite titles witho Cuphead, Rocket League, Hollow Knight, Ashen, Dead by Daylight, What Remains of Edith Finch, Below, Tacoma, Oxenfree and many more.

But now, what really matters, is to know these games better and for this they have dedicated a small effort to raise this new YouTube channel. In it we can already see many videos that present those games that will reach Xbox One and Windows Through this platform. One more movement that seeks to bring these projects closer to the community, to show interest, to interact with the studies and live that illusion that they show with their ambition to get games through [email protected]

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We will remain attentive to all games that come to Xbox One, taking into account the contributions made by these independent studies that seek to enjoy new and innovative proposals from this platform. [email protected] opens its own YouTube channel to promote the independent industry, and we will monitor it to report on news related to these games.

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