IKEA also joins the Matter protocol and its products will be available in a few months

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The Swedish firm has formalized a new Matter hub ready as well as a new IKEA Home app. Launch scheduled for next October.

IKEA has announced the launch of a Matter compatible hub dubbed “DIRIGERA”. It will be accompanied by a new IKEA Home app. The Swedish firm promises that it will be ” practical, easy to use and user-friendly “.

First of all, a quick presentation of Matter is probably not superfluous. Remember that this is a protocol for connected objects aimed at connecting all the devices in the house without worrying about the brand. In short, a unified protocol.

This initiative, initiated by the CSA (the Connectivity Standards Alliance), now brings together more than 400 members, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Signify, Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue.

DIRIGERA, successor of TRÅDFRI

Back to IKEA. The Swedish company of course already has some experience in the smart home sector: since 2014 it has offered a gateway called TRÅDFRI. According to IKEA, DIRIGERA is able to handle more products. In addition, the hub will also benefit from a new, more functional and ergonomic IKEA Home application, according to the company.

With DIRIGERA and the new app, we have focused on strengthening and simplifying the onboarding process when connecting new smart devices. We’ve also added customization options, like creating different scenes with preset smart product functions for all your different activities and times around the house. », explains Rebecca Töreman, business leader at IKEA.

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Thanks to the user feedback we’ve received since launching the TRÅDFRI gateway in 2014, we can continue to equate technology with simplicity and accessibility, and take our home furnishing expertise into the future. “, she continues.

Bjorn Block, business area manager within the company, justifies this new hub by the growing interest in the connected home in recent years. He recalls that IKEA’s range of connected products already includes ” sound, light, air purification, blinds, and more to come “.

Launch of the new hub this year

IKEA didn’t reveal many technical details, just that DIRIGERA has a diameter of 112 mm and a height of 27 mm. It offers a GbE port and will be powered via a USB-C socket. For comparison, the TRÅDFRI walkway is 45mm high and 110mm in diameter.

IkeaTradfri © Tradfri

On the price side, TRÅDFRI costs 29.99 euros. We can expect a slightly higher price for its successor.

The launch of DIRIGERA and the new IKEA Home smart app is scheduled for October 2022. Users will of course be able to continue using the TRÅDFRI gateway and the current app. Finally, know that IKEA plans to launch an out-of-home control feature in the first half of 2023.

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Source : IKEA

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