IKEA unveils a smart air purifier in the form of a coffee table

One of the biggest furniture companies in the world IKEA, continues to increase its technological solutions. This time, a “smart” from the company air purifier came.

In fact, today we IKEA signed two different smart air purifier output. One of the products released under the name of Starkvind is in the form of a coffee table. The other is designed as a single device.

The most striking one here is the coffee table form you see above. The product, which has more than one color, sees two functions together due to its structure and becomes a part of the home decor. The device, which has a price of $ 189, carries a physical control menu.

In order to make the product fully intelligent, that is, to manage it through the application, $35 make an extra payment (for Smart Hub) is required. This seems a bit odd, but for a product like an air purifier, app control isn’t a must.

The other $129 model, which you can see just below, has a stylish design different from many similar ones and serves as a stand-alone product. Smart features on this product, too, require a $35 Smart Hub.

IKEA air cleaner draws attention

The products, which have a common triple filter system, clean the air in the environment by using them and make the life of allergy sufferers significantly easier, as they can trap particles in the air. The products that are reported to be able to eliminate bad odors, of course, work on the basis of fans and offer speed control here.

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We do not know whether the products that will be sold in October will come to Turkey. Electronics side of IKEA is not very developed in Turkey. Here are the details of the budget-friendly air cleaner that IKEA recently introduced. here is located.

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