iMessage from Apple can receive mention system and more coming soon

One of the most used messengers for iPhone users and devices Apple is iMessage — the exclusive app for iOS and macOS platforms. Despite being popular, the app has several shortcomings when compared to other messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Slack. Fortunately, the MacRumors website revealed that the Apple is working on a flurry of news for the app.

The tools include the mention system and message deletion after sending — both already present in many other messengers. To mention a contact in a group, just enter their name preceded by an “@”. Likewise, users will have more options for notifications and alerts for mentions in groups, whether they are muted or not.

Deleting messages is not new either. After sending, it would be possible to delete the messages from all devices in the conversation. There is no information about timeouts for the action, but it is quite likely that it is something similar to the one adopted by WhatsApp.

Also, typing pointers are in development for group chats; as well as the ability to mark messages as unread upon opening and additions to the “/me” command to share status updates are also in development.

There is no forecast for release of these tools, nor if they will be released together or for all iOS versions. Despite this, we can wait for these news for the arrival of the long-awaited iOS 14.

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