Important remarks about the future of autogas (LPG) use

Globally, the search for alternative fuels continues as the impact of gasoline and diesel vehicles on the future decreases. Autogas (LPG) can be a pioneer in this sense.

Climate Change resulting from Global Warming has become a part of our lives. The great fire that engulfed Australia in smoke in the first months of 2020 had created an environmental disaster that could be followed even from space. In the Eurasian geography, which includes Turkey, the change in precipitation regimes caused drought to become a reality. In the process that started with the 2020 Davos Summit and continued with the European Parliament’s announcement of its 2030 emission targets, last November, the UK introduced its ‘zero emission’ targets, which it called the ‘Green Plan’.

Under the Green Plan, the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned in the UK by 2030. In the last days of 2020, a similar decision came from Japan. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced that they will gradually stop the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles, as part of the goal of ‘zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050’.

Kadir Knitter about subject, “The fact that the scientific data linking the global disasters we are experiencing with climate change is now undeniable, forcing states to take steps. We should consider the UK’s green plan, the European Union’s emissions targets and Japan’s carbon neutral plan in this context. Vehicles with internal combustion engines form the overwhelming preponderance of vehicles worldwide.

It is not possible to change fuel in one day, but we see that the process has started. We can say that the autogas front, whose Global Warming Factor (GWP) was declared as zero, determined by the United Nations during the transition period, will be the only fuel to be used in internal combustion vehicles.

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Autogas (LPG) use will be combined with hybrid vehicles

The ever-evolving technology of hybrid vehicles makes the emission values ​​of these vehicles inaccessible for diesel and gasoline vehicles. The use of LPG, known as the most environmentally friendly fuel compared to other fossil fuels, in hybrid vehicles will produce much lower values ​​than the carbon emission values ​​of the vehicles we buy today.

Large manufacturers are working on this issue. We will see that the future will be dominated by hybrid vehicles running on LPG.” made statements.

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