In 2023, Microsoft will review the Xbox interface for better navigation

Xbox 2022 interface © Microsoft

For several months, Microsoft will carry out tests around the interface of its Xboxes to improve its operation thanks to user feedback.

The first tests will arrive this week from certain Insiders.

Microsoft will put Insiders to work

While Sony has once again updated the interface of its PlayStation 5, Microsoft does not intend to be left behind for its consoles. The firm has just unveiled not an update, but its plans for the future of the UI of its Xbox Series X|S.

There is no question of deploying changes directly. The firm prefers to start by dribbling changes to certain Insiders in the circle Alpha Skip-Ahead to collect feedback. In a second step, a better experience refined by this collaboration will be deployed to all.

The general public will therefore have to wait until 2023, when some users ready to get their hands dirty (and randomly selected) will be able to see the changes in preview. Microsoft invites everyone to be patient and provide feedback so that the final experience is the best it can be.

Welcome changes for Xbox

The Redmond firm has already listed the first changes to come in test, starting this week.

We will first raise a new row ” Jump back in » allowing quick access to the latest games and applications launched. The Settings, Store, Search, and My Games & Apps apps will now have their own dedicated tiles in Home Xbox. The whole thing is visible in the capture at the top of this article.

Finally, besides some visual and design changes for a more familiar experience, custom content (categories, recommendations, etc.) should now be displayed when the user navigates down in certain menus.

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To find out how to become an Insider or make feedback, everything is explained in the link below.

Source : Microsoft

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