In front of you is the flying car that is ready to fly in three minutes. [Video]

flying car Work continues on the models. This time in the field KleinVision company’s success is on the agenda.

KleinVision This is what you see above, which has been developed by the company for a really long time. flying car The model has successfully passed the first flight test recently. The futuristic designed vehicle, which can transform from a normal car to an airplane in just three minutes, uses a folding wing system as you can imagine. The vehicle, which can fly in the air with the large propeller behind it, is of course still in the prototype / development phase. The company is also developing different versions of its flying car. The company’s vision also includes two-seater, four-seater, twin-engine and submersible versions. You can watch the first flight test, which is reported to have passed without any problems, in the video above. flying car No detailed technical details have been given yet. Of course, the model that needs a pilot’s license to use it doesn’t seem to be adopting electric infrastructure. The cockpit of the vehicle, which you can see in the video, blends the automobile and aircraft infrastructure.

A view from the flight

There has been a very important development in the flying car recently.

A flying vehicle model that has been on the agenda for a very long time Pal V Liberty, it was now legally accessible. Vehicle with a European-based road license, flying cars He was now making his idea truly a part of life.

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